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Yes, I’m a Good Parent. My Daughter Gives Me 7 Signals That Say ‘I Love You’!

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Being a mother is not an easy job. And, no I am not talking about the sleepless nights, baby colic, diaper changing, breastfeeding, etc. I say parenting is not an easy job because even after doing all these things we are always doubtful whether we did enough…

As mothers, in spite of serving fresh, home cooked food to our children, we worry whether they are eating right. In spite of loving them, we wonder whether we are raising them right and if they are happy. A parent’s life is full of such moments of doubt. If only parenting had come with a guide! Well, it did not and it won’t. It’s up to us to create a guide as we make mistakes each day and learn from them.

There are times when such doubts creep up into my mind too and I question my parenting tactics. But, then I try to remember and give myself the reasons that prove I am a good mother. The reasons that my daughter gives me from time to time. The signals that tell me she loves me a lot…

1. She wants to see me close to her

One Sunday morning when my daughter woke up, I was in the washroom. She didn’t realize that. She started searching for the whole house. She even asked her father, “Where’s mama?”

When he told her I was in the bathroom, she started banging on the bathroom door, “Mama, are you inside?” It was only when I replied “Yes!” that she said “OK!” and started playing with her toys.

The same thing happens when she comes back from school and doesn’t find me home. She immediately calls me to find out when I will be coming home.

2. She seeks comfort from me

Whether it’s a cut on a finger or whether she scraped her knee while playing, she needs me to kiss her and cuddle her. She stops crying as she is comforted by my presence. She knows mama will make things better.

3. She gives me these little gifts

I distinctly remember the day when she was 1.5 years old, and she had gone to the neighbouring park with her nanny. When she came back, she was carrying a raw mango that had fallen off a tree. She gave it to me! She was so happy when I took it from her hand.

She also gets me flowers, fallen leaves or rocks…all for me. She even sometimes makes a portrait of the two of us together and gives it to me.

4. She tries to comfort me, in her own special ways

When I hurt myself, she tries to be my mother and kisses the area to make it better (just like how I do to her). Sometimes, when my eczema flares up and I develop rashes on my legs, she offers to rub cold cream on it every night without fail. She knows that I comfort her when she needs me, and so, when it’s time, she extends this comfort to me too.

5. She tells me her ‘big’ secrets

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