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Will you hold the hand that rocks the cradle?

Sewing Circle Fundraiser

Sewing Circle Fundraiser

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle – William Ross Wallace

When we talk about successful people, rulers or people who change the world, we often forget the person behind their success. The hand that rocked their cradle. The woman who influenced them or acted as a preeminent force.

Today’s let talk about one such hand, I mean person who through her work is trying to bring upon a change in the society. She is not a writer, economist or a politician – she is a humble seamstress.

Meet Renu

Sewing Circle Fundraiser

Sewing Circle Fundraiser

Six years ago, Renu lost her home and incurred huge debts. Her husband got retrenched after an incapacitating work accident. She joined the Project Why sewing class, she started taking small jobs at home. She then grew into the role of the sewing teacher and began taking pride in her students.

She is now paying back her debts and knows that she holds the key to her future in her hands. Her children study at the after-school support classes run by Project Why.

What is Project Why?

Sewing Circle Fundraiser

Sewing Circle Fundraiser

Project WHY is a flagship program of Sri Ram Goburdhun Charitable Trust, that provides educational support to underprivileged children. This after-school support program goes beyond academics, to include life skills and all-around development.

Project WHY also runs vocational skill programs for women from underprivileged homes. Every year this nonprofit reaches out to 1200 underprivileged children and provide after-school support to them. 160 women. It also  works on women’s empowerment, so they can support themselves and their children.

Since 2007, over a 1000 women have been trained at the women’s centre sewing circle, including Renu, the sewing teacher.

Sewing Circle Fundraiser

Sewing Circle Fundraiser

The need of the hour

Today Renu, the sewing teacher, is looking at developing the skills of her students through a six-month programme. This will enable them to find employment in the garment industry.

To this end, Project Why needs the following:
Iron                                                 1000/-

Interlocking machine           4400/-

Pico machine                             5600/-

Ironing board                            2000/-

Cutting table                             4000/-

6-month salary for Renu    60,000/-

Total amount needed:          77,000/-

Why you should donate?

Women are true agents of change and helping them find the means  to earn a livelihood goes a long way in transforming the lives of their families. At Project Why, Renu and her students not only practice sewing but also learn to read and write. When women are empowered, domestic violence drops, and the next generations gain access to better education.

How to donate?

 If you’re donating from India, your donation is 50% tax deductible under section 80G, and the entire expense account would be put up on the Project Why website once the amount is raised.

If you are in the U.S., you can also donate to Project Why via Omprakash  which is a tax-exempt non-profit organization registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. They take PayPal. Just add a comment that you’re donating for the Project Why SEWING CIRCLE fundraiser.

Other ways to help

Visit to learn how to make a donation from any country.

Want to know more about Project Why?
Read the Project Why story at

Join the Project Why family by supporting Renu, so she can help women like herself. Remember no amount is too small. A few rupees, dollars, euros even to the amount of your lunch coupon or a meal out with your friends can make Renu’s dreams become a reality!

Share the SEWING CIRCLE FUNDRAISER on social media using the hashtag #GivingTuesday and #ProjectWhyDelhi . Each share leads to at least 3 donations!


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  1. Thank you so much Anshu for helping us fulfil Renu’s dreams. I am deeply touched and humbles. Hope to see you at Project Why some day. God bless you

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