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Why these three teas are perfect for every season and reason?

How to make that perfect cup of tea which makes you feel good and warm? Let’s see why these three teas are perfect for every season and reason. #firsttimemommy #masalachai #Indianspicedtea #teabenefits #howtomaketea

Why these three teas are perfect for every season and reason?

I am not a tea person, in the sense that I don’t drink every day, three times a day. I don’t hate tea either. The story goes like this – as a small child, I would see my mom drinking tea three times a day and complaining of headache or listlessness until she got her morning or evening cuppa. That’s when I decided I was not going to be a slave to tea. I will be my own master – drink it whenever I feel like, not because I have to. So, I am more of a tea connoisseur, yes, I want that perfect cup of tea with all the works and which makes me feel good and warm. Let’s see why these three teas are perfect for every season and reason?

Feel good tea: I make a mean kadak masala chai with loads of ginger (so much so that your throat should feel the zing) and fresh lemongrass.

How to make tea:

  • Add black tea leaves to water
  • Let it brew on slow and for long
  • Add full fat milk
  • If you need sweetness like me, turn off the gas, add jaggery. (Yes, I don’t take sugar for all the debate whether sugar tea is bad for health, so I prefer jaggery)

Ginger and lemongrass boost metabolism and are good for digestion. Lemongrass heals flu and cold and relieves menstrual pain. In the summer, I add fresh mint leaves which apart from aiding digestion also has a calming and cooling effect.

Drink this and tell me if you can’t hear the violins play or magpies sing. OK, let’s not be that theatrical. But it will surely make you feel good about your life, yourself and the whole world in general.

Pick me up tea: In those chilly wintry evenings or if you are suffering from cold and cough, or just down with what’s happening in this world, my version of Indian spiced tea is the perfect anecdote to pick you up in minutes.

Add tulsi leaves, black pepper, dried ginger root powder, cloves, cinnamon and star anise (add cardamom, though I am myself not a big fan of it). These delicious and powerful spices awaken the senses and alleviate aches and pains and nausea. They have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that lend extra ordinary health benefits to the drinker.

Time pass tea: Don’t be fooled by the name, it is anything but time pass. There are times when it’s too hot to drink creamy tea or I am too lazy to fix myself one. That is when this green tea comes to my aid.

Boil water, add a few green tea leaves (I prefer orange and mint flavoured), and ginger slivers. After 5-7 minutes or depending upon the strength of tea you prefer, strain tea, add lemon and honey.

Psst…, there are times when I add fresh rose petals and even marigold petals if available.

Green tea has a high content of powerful flavonoid antioxidants. Lemon brings out green tea’s antioxidants which then gets readily absorbed by the body. The compounds in tea can inhibit iron absorption from foods in your diet, green tea with lemon reduces that effect. Honey is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also provides magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, vitamins A, B-complex and C. Drinking green tea with honey and lemon helps in cold and soothes dry cough.

In the summer, I even make iced tea using green tea leaves, adding lemon grass and honey for extra flavour.

How to make that perfect cup of tea which makes you feel good and warm? Let’s see why these three teas are perfect for every season and reason. #firsttimemommy #masalachai #Indianspicedtea #teabenefits #howtomaketea

Why these three teas are perfect for every season and reason?

So, tell me how did you find these three powerful green teas and which tea is best for you. Aren’t these three teas perfect for every season and reason?

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  1. Amarjeet Sonia Madaan

    Nice post. Even I am not a fan of tea but I prefer in winters, that also once in a day. And that ginger tea reminded me my last year vacations in Ahmedabad. When we were travelling to Somnath due to winters we kept us warm by that ginger tea, and the gingers in Gujrat are quite strong from that we have here in the north. Initially, I loved the taste but when coming back at home no more ginger teas! I can still feel that strong taste. Never had masala tea but will try.

    • Sonia, as I said, even I don’t drink tea on daily basis, but when I do, I am very finicky about the tea. You might be right about ginger being strong in Ahmedabad (my mother gets ginger, lemongrass from Ahmedabad when she visits me), that’s the reason maybe why I feel the ginger in Mumbai doesn’t have the same zing. Do try the masala tea, you will love it, especially in the chilly winters of the North India. Thanks for liking and commenting on my post, Sonia!

  2. Shared this one with my husband who’s an avid tea drinker but primarily looks for ingredients that can lead to some health benefits.

  3. I love Tea. But this article is an eye opener. I am going to be more conscious of the tea I make from now.

  4. I love the Pin image you have made for this post Anshu- its so bright and eye catching 🙂

    I am a huge fan of ginger and other spices in my tea. Lemongrass is a hot favourite too. Ginger really induces immunity and is great for in winters coupled with Tulsi to help fight congestion and cough and cold.

    Love the way you have made these three teas so personalised 🙂

    • Hey, thank you so much Shalini! I don’t drink tea regularly but when I do, I am very particular about the tea. 🙂

      With you in Gurgaon, I am sure the hot ginger tea would be a hot favourite in chilly winters.

      BTW, I try to make images as per Shailaja’s tips. Though I am not a very creative person, they usually turn out fine. 🙂

  5. I am a hard core coffee lover but the time pass tea is definetely worth a try.

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