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Why do you need a phone detox?

Ever wondered sleeping with mobile phone near head or sleeping with phone under pillow does? It is quite bad for your health. Learn how to do a phone detox. #firsttimemommy #phonedetox #wellnesstips

Why do you need a phone detox?

A few days ago, I was engrossed in my phone when my husband shouted at me. I looked up at him angrily to find my daughter standing beside me. Apparently, she was telling me something but I didn’t hear her. That’s when exasperated my husband spoke loudly to me. My husband told me it wasn’t the first time that I lost myself in the social media world. It was an eye opener for me. He was right. I immersed myself in the virtual world and ignored my real world. That’s when I took the pledge to cut off my phone usage and do phone detox. I will tell you why do you need a phone detox?

  • Ever wondered how you take the phone to check your Facebook wall to just check a few messages and end up scrolling for hours or hopping onto Instagram and Twitter too. Phones are like quicksand, they pull you into them once you enter.
  • Have you heard of the disadvantages of sleeping with mobile phone near head or sleeping with phone under the pillow. The blue light that our phones emit keeps our brain awake and alert. Thus, our brain doesn’t need the rest it requires. Phone waves disrupt sleep; it leads to sleep deprivation and we wake up dull and irritable.
  • Staring at the blue screen in the darkness leads to dry eyes, blurred vision and pain around the eyes. While looking at the phone, we often forget to blink our eyes from time to time which leads to irritation and pain in the eye.
  • Furthermore, we tend to miss the much more real and happier moments of life. You will find many new mothers who would have missed the first walk or smile of their baby because they were busy on their phones.
  • The incorrect posture while using the phone, looking down at the cell phone, leads to neck pain, which is also called as text neck. It’s a modern spine ailment which has become increasingly common.

How to do a phone detox? This is how I have been doing phone detox:

  • Around 9-9:30, I check my phone for the last time.
  • I keep my phone for charging in another room.
  • During work hours, I avoid seeing the phone except for phone calls.
  • On Sunday, I follow a no social media rule. I make and receive calls, but avoid social media (except the Disaster Management group on What’s App of my daughter’s school in case there is an urgent piece of information/news from the school).

However, I have realised, it’s not enough. Hence, as a part of phone detox challenge, I have decided to:

  • Decide specific slots in a day to check social media and to respect the time frame.
  • Subscribe to podcasts instead of blog posts. This way not only I will stay away from the temptation of social media, I will learn something worthwhile too.
  • Instead of checking my phone, I will read more and engage in conversations with my family.
  • Apart from Sunday, I will observe a no-phone day on Saturday as well.
  • Make a habit of working on laptop and not on phone. Because phone tempts you into checking other smartphone apps too.
  • Take a stock of the apps on my phone and delete the ones that I spend too much time on.

Hope these measures bring about a positive change in my phone using habits.

Ever wondered sleeping with mobile phone near head or sleeping with phone under pillow does? It is quite bad for your health. Learn how to do a phone detox. #firsttimemommy #phonedetox #wellnesstips

Why do you need a phone detox?

I have joined the 7-day phone detox challenge hosted by my blogger friends Shilpa Halwe and Ashvini Naik. To participate in the challenge, all you need to do is write a post, like me, on how you plan on breaking free of this habit of taking your phone to bed with you, attach this cool badge and share your post on the linky till 7th of November. Share your post on social media and give a shout out!

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  1. Keeping the phone away on weekends is the best thing to do, Anshu! And, if I plan to do it, I am going to need way more will power. 🙂 But, since the past 3/4 days, I keep my phone off the WiFi for longer during the day, too. I control every urge to reach for the phone and make it a point to read blog posts strictly on the laptop. That helps a good deal.

    Reading good books helps stay away from phones. I have realised that we all have become too easily distracted, of late. We just can’t stay doing nothing for more than five minutes and so we reach for our phones. Keeping a good, engrossing book, apart from our work, helps a great deal in staying away from the smartphones that are making us dull by the day!

    Thank you for joining us, Anshu! 🙂

    • That’s a great tip – to turn off the wifi during the day, it will keep me away from the temptation to look into my phone. I have seen that when I am busy – writing my blog psot or stories – I don’t even realise where my phone is lying. It’s only when I am doing none of them that I can’t leave my phone alone. The worst part is sitting with people and still checking the phone from time to time without actually realising you are doing it.

  2. This actually sounds like something I need… I am very very guilty of losing track of surroundings when on the phone.

    • We all do, Roshan with the phone in our hand. The first step is to acknowledge that yes, phone is the problem and yes, we are addicted to it. I am happy that you already know that, because it it will help you to go to the next step – to reflect on ways you can cut down the usage.

  3. Good pointers for keeping away the phone during nights.

  4. The internet needs more amazing and interesting articles like these. Using a phone is certainly a guilty pleasure but now that I am a mommy and need to spend more quality time with my kids and family, I try to keep it away as much as possible. I need to start the phone detox challenge too!! Lovely initiative!

    • Thank you Sapana. As you said as mothers we need to spend more time with our kids and family. I plan to do just that. This initiative was started by Shilpa Halwe and Ashvini Naik, hope you participated too.

  5. Thisis impressive Anshu- I have been doing a lot of these things since the start of this year to cut down my phone usage. I am off a lot of apps on phone and dont work on the phone at all!
    More power to you on this girl!

  6. All the best! Hope you are able to detox with this. I overcome this by not having a facebook or instagram account. But youtube pulls me in! 🙁 I need to work on that!

  7. Good thoughts Anshu. I am also keeping myself off the social media over the weekend. But still lot more to go, as kids are watching us and imitating us. We need to set them a real good example especially on the phone and other gadget usage.

  8. shanayatales

    This is great, Anshu. I have been doing a detox of sorts too. I am not too bad about scrolling on social media for long periods of time, but my problem is constant distraction, and the many small breaks. So now I just keep my phone away and out of sight while I work. I do sleep with my phone on the nightstand, because it’s also my alarm clock, but it’s always on flight mode at night.

    Wishing you the best with your detox!

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