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Why cloth diapers are better for your baby and budget?

This is a beautiful and a very handy article from Anjana Bhartia for all new moms out there. For all those who don’t know her, Anjana is a mommy blogger at  She describes herself as an imperfect mom stumbling through motherhood, discovering the joys of natural and attachment parenting along the way. Do check out her blog!!

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Here’s her post now!! Happy reading!!

As a new mommy, you have to make so many decisions every day. You want the best for your baby, and even the diapers decision is a big deal! While some moms prefer cloth diapering, some are not even unaware of it.

Cloth nappies were used by our grand moms and with the changing times even the humble cloth nappies have evolved into cloth diaper. Cloth diapers are much easier and hygienic than you could think.

What is a cloth diaper?

A cloth diaper is a reusable diaper made from natural fibers, man-made materials or a combination of both. I switched over to cloth diapering for the following reasons:

1] Less Rash: Disposable diapers are full of chemicals like sodium polyacrylate, that convert the moisture in the gel. The companies manufacturing these diapers claim that the chemicals are harmless, but the truth is that if the babies were to sit too long in the wet diaper they may get rashes due to the chemical cocktail. On the other hand, cloth diapers are made of breathable fabrics that does not change the chemical composition when the baby pees in it. Thus, if you use the right cloth diaper and change it frequently your baby will be rash free.

2] Less Trash: On an average a baby will require 6 to 12 diapers in a day. This comes out to be 42 to 84 diapers a week. Whereas in case of cloth diapers you can wash them and use them thus only 24 to 36 diapers will be sufficient. Considering the hazards of wastage on the environment it is viable decision to use the cloth diaper. Disposing so many diapers is coming up as big challenge for the authorities.

3] Less Cash: Disposable diapers cost Rs.12 per piece and thus can cost Rs. 2016 to Rs.14112 in a month. Thus, by the age of two you have literally spent Rs. 48,384 to Rs.338688 only on diapers. That’s a pretty high sum! Imagine the number of toys/books and holidays you could take for that amount. On the other hand, the best quality of cloth diaper comes for Rs. 2000 in a package deal and lasts for two years. Thus, it is feasible to use the cloth diaper as you can save huge amount. Even the cost of washing the diaper is negligible thus, you will come out way ahead financially with the cloth diaper.

6] It Can Be Used For More Than One Baby: These diapers are no less than a asset as they can be used on other babies also. Thus, you do not save the first time that use it but also when you use the same with your other kids.

5] No Blown Outs: It is nightmare for any mother, at times disposable diaper malfunction also occurs. A baby’s poop will ooze out right up their back and will spoil everything. However, it can never occur in case of cloth diaper. The well-designed elastic in the present-day cloth diaper will never let this happen. This is one of the biggest factor in favor of the cloth diaper.

As the above points clearly show that a cloth diaper is way better than a disposable one. And yes, when we travel or during winters, sometimes disposable diapers become inevitable and it is perfectly alright to use them where required.

When using disposable diapers what I do to reduce the chemcials from seeping into my child’s skin I apply a layer of baby massage oil so that it creates a barrier. Just one of the many hacks motherhood has taught me!

What baby diaper do you prefer for your little one? Do you use any specific brand, which you trust? Share below!


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  1. Today (right now at 8:05 eastern standard time) I just put Olivia in her first cloth diaper! I read this on your blog the other day and I went on amazon and ordered them. I also got bamboo disposable diapers for when we have to be out for long periods of time! This was a great read and an amazing eye opener! Thank you soooo much xo

    • Hey that’s awesome Gina! I am humbled. I am sure Olivia’s skin will breathe better in these natural diapers, and the nature will breathe a little too! Looking forward to reading your experiences with Kaylee and Olivia!! Hugs!!

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