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Why my daughter is never absent in the school?

The other day, as I was helping my 4-year old into her sleeping clothes, I inquired about her school friends.

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Why my daughter is never absent in the school? (Image – pexels)

She replied – X was absent, Y was also absent and Z came today after a long time.

Then she said something that shocked me completely – Why I am not absent? Everyday someone is absent, but I am never absent. I also want to be absent.

Her innocent words made me smile. Little did she know that being absent was not a good thing, especially when it involved illness.

But, yes, that’s true. My daughter never takes sick leaves from school. She doesn’t need to. Touch wood.

We follow a very healthy lifestyle. May be that helps.

  • I have been giving her Tulsi water every day for the past 4 years. Tulsi helps builds immunity. However, she has plain water whenever we are travelling.
  • She hardly ever gets wafers or other junk food. Not that she doesn’t crave for them. While passing by the general stores, she points at the stands laden with all sorts of wafers, fried foods, and what-nots, but no, I ignore her requests. She has them at birthday parties and play dates.
  • We do not eat out much. We have pledged to eat home cooked meals; that means cooking pizza, pasta, Thai curry, and all other cuisines. However, my daughter enjoys and looks forward to her once in a month eating out ritual. However, they are never to McDonald’s (they are feeding you poison through their genetically grown and chemically laden perfectly golden fries. Go through this link; you will never visit a McDonald’s after that –, Taco Bell or Pizza Hut.
  • We do not buy her sugary drinks. We do not consume them, and hence, do not buy for her. However, she has more than her fair share of them whenever she is at a birthday party or when one of her favourite aunts buys her one.
  • She drinks only plain milk. No sugar, and no milk-boosting formula (as if that’s even possible! Rolling eyes!) Click this link to know the disadvantages of these so-called energy boosting powders –
  • She doesn’t not get chocolates and biscuits in her lunch box. She has them once in a while, and that’s more than sufficient.
  • I do not make Maggi (or other foods straight out of packets) for breakfast. My mother also never did. And, I never complained.

They may seem to be harsh rules, but they are meant to build my child’s immunity. Also, they are meant to make my child grow into an adult who makes responsible food choices.

I recently came across this eye-opening video by renowned British chef, Jamie Oliver. If you go through it, you will realize how we are ruining our kids’ health by feeding them unnecessary sugar. -

Someone once told me, “Do not eat what your grandparents didn’t eat!” I think that’s one of the sanest and healthiest piece of advice I have ever received. It makes so much sense.

I strongly believe that love your child as much as you can, but making your child love you back by means of sugary treats and junk food is not right. My daughter is small to understand, but I am pretty sure, in a couple of years, she will start hating me for these healthy food choices. I hope I will be able to convince her. Or at the best, I can hope she will understand why I did that when she grows up.

Till then, I hope I can send her to school everyday and she is never marked absent, at least not for health reasons that can be avoided.

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  1. Gen

    Wow you really take your child’s health really seriously, but I hope if your child ever gets really sick you will let her be absent. When I was younger my mother would force me to go to school even If I had a fever, sometimes she would pick me up early but that was extremely rare. I think a child should be a absent at most one to two days a year due to sickness but it’s up to the parent and how strong they think their child is.

    • Yes, I do take my child’s health seriously. The problem is not with falling ill, but it shouldn’t be for something totally avoidable! I let her play in mud and dirt so that her immunity gets better, but the larger point is that her immunity should be strong! And, yes, she takes an off
      from school when she doesn’t feel well!

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