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Why I think my 30s rock?

It’s been a few years since I crossed 30s. I still remember the eve of my 30th Birthday. I was forever looking at the clock, as if hypnotizing time into standing still. The reason: I didn’t want to cross over. Thirties seemed ominous. It was like leaving behind one more chapter of the precious childhood. Thirty meant I was over the hill. Oh, the simplicity of an immature mind!

why I think my 30s rock

But nothing changed. The time didn’t take any heed of my requests. Thankfully. So here I am, well in my mid-thirties and loving it. Let me tell you why 30s are better than 20s or even teenage, for that matter.

I am vain, no longer – Most of my adolescence and then the twenties were spent before the mirror trying to find out the zillion faults with my facial features (isn’t my nose a little bulbous, my lips could have been a little fuller, if only I had big eyes and fair alabaster skin) and body. Every morning, I woke up and looked at my face for new zits, and groaned in agony  to find new ones having sprung up. Now, even a face full of these things fail to bother me, at all. I can step out without any lipstick, or worse still, without washing my sticky, oily face and care two hoots about it. I have got more pressing issues to take care of, you see.

I love my body – So I am no longer as thin as I was in my twenties. But the best thing is I don’t agonize it over anymore. I love my curves; big butt, love handles, paunch and those flabby thighs. I no longer stand on the weighing scale and fake a heart attack everytime I find the weight taking a right turn. What’s more, I don’t mind my stretch marks, laugh lines and wrinkles around the eyes as well. They are the telltale signs of experience and growing up.

I exercise and eat well – In my twenties, I took my health and body for granted. Those were times for indulging in dietary fads and then sudden binging. And exercise, well they were more of a hobby than a serious attempt to be fit. In my thirties, I have realized the importance of exercising and eating well.

I please people no more – That was a terrible decade. I realize now that my whole existence centered on pleasing people, to go out of my way to be extra nice to them and make sure everything was hunky-dory between us. In my thirties, I have realized my worth and those of others as well. I know my mind and don’t hesitate to speak it out as well. Relationships are important to me, but not at the cost of my self-esteem. Said that, I have lost some friends. Fairweather, as they say!

I am accountable to no one – Whoa, I love this bit. No parents forever asking me ‘where are you going’ or ‘when you will be back’. I enjoy my freedom. And given that I have more responsibilities, I love taking my own decisions.

I know where I am – In the twenties, there were a lot of ‘whys’, ‘hows’ and ‘whens’. Fortunately, most of these got answered in my thirties. I found myself married (the long dark days of pining over lost loves and waiting by the telephone for that call that never came, were behind me), having a child and working from home (out of choice). Life doesn’t seem complicated and bumpy. I am confident and happy with my choices. The future doesn’t hold much mystery and scare me anymore.

I am the superwoman – Being a wife and a mother make me feel as I have super powers. Also, my daughter’s life revolves around me; she thinks I am a superwoman. Though I don’t come from Krypton and certainly can’t fly, I can still amaze my little one. Don’t I just love this feeling!

But of course, everything comes at a price. Though I am in a more comfortable and happy space in my life, I have lost a thing or two. The most I regret losing are my rose-colored glasses, the innocence and the enthusiasm. But then, one can’t have it all, can one?

My advice. Don’t be afraid of the big 3-0. If at all, it will do you a whole world of good to be there. Trust me!


  1. Though I am not there yet I am still kinda scared of crossing the 30 mark!! This post is relieving 🙂

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