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Why Dirty Clothes Of My Daughter Have Stopped Bothering Me?

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Being the children of 80s, we didn’t have smartphones, no 24/7 cartoon channels and no fancy toys. But, what we had was priceless. We climbed trees, played in the mud and didn’t return to our respective homes, until it was dark and we were practically famished. Our hands and feet were always dirty. But, did we care! Nope. Only mothers did. I remember my mother scolding me every evening upon my return on the state of my clothes.

“Who will wash these dirty clothes? Do you think we have a horde of servants at home or elves with magical powers?”

That was also the time of no washing machines. And, maybe the detergents or washing soaps were not that efficient as they are today. Well, today, I can understand and sympathize with her dilemma. Back then, I didn’t care who washed those clothes (and whether they were washed at all). But, I was certain about one thing that when I became a mother, I would not be harsh on my child(ren) about playing and dirty clothes.

Anyway, my daughter is 5 and loves to play with her friends in the park. And, while playing she falls down and get herself and her clothes dirty. But, that’s OK. I know this childhood won’t last forever. These dirty clothes won’t be there tomorrow. And, how I would miss them!

Are these clothes more valuable than my daughter’s happy childhood? No, I definitely don’t think so. So I encourage her to play and get her clothes dirty.

Having said that, the dirty clothes don’t wash or get cleaned on their own. Firstly, I asked my domestic help to wash them. But, I realized it wasn’t much help. That’s when I decided I had to do the washing of her clothes myself. For a few days I washed my daughter’s clothes very diligently, as only a mother would. But, nothing changed. The clothes didn’t clean much. Also, as I was scrubbing on the mud stains too hard, the clothes started losing their shine, and started wearing off. That was my cue to change my washing powder. I had tried the best of detergents (as per the TV adverts and astronomical prices), but that didn’t help. And, sending these everyday wear clothes for dry cleaning wasn’t something I could afford.

But, when I saw the latest offering by Nirma – Nirma Advance with new TVC, with Hrithik Roshan in the advertisement, I thought “let’s try this one!” Nirma the brand has been there forever. Remember the age old jingle we used to watch on B&W TV and hum all day “Nirma, washing powder Nirma. Doodh ki safedi, Nirma se aayi…”!

I bought a packet of Nirma Advance. The next day, my daughter had attended a birthday party and got her dress smeared a little with chocolate cake. When she came home, I simply washed the dress with Nirma Advance. After all, it promised to remove the most stubborn of stains.  Well, as it promised – Naye Zamane Ke Ziddi Daagon Ke Liye – it delivered! The stain came off easily, leaving the dress as new as before.

I am sold on this one! I have found the solution to my problem. No more pondering over how to wash dirty clothes. Whether it’s my daughter’s school’s white shirt or my husband’s white socks, they are white and look as good as new. My daughter can spill ketchup and I, red wine – our clothes are now clean and stain free.

My daughter continues to play as wildly as before. Sometimes, I wish if only my mother had Nirma Advance…!!

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