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When we lost all our daughter’s baby pictures and still created a beautiful photo album!!

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A lovely photo album of my daughter by photojaanic.


During my pregnancy, my husband had signed up for a photography course. No, particular reason. He just wanted to learn the fine nuances of photography. So, of course, when our daughter was born, she was his first muse. He clicked pictures of her all through the day. When she was sleeping (which she did a lot in the initial few months), yawning, awake, crying, etc…he photographed her in her various modes. I won’t be exaggerating if I say we must have had a couple of thousand photographs of her even before she had turned two. Another shocking truth is that though we had so many pictures of her, we never had a single printed picture. They were all in his 2 large spaced external hard discs. He is a big believer of technology, and said why they needed to print the pictures when they can store it on the hard discs and view them whenever we wanted.

Now, one day, one of his hard discs corrupted. Many of her photographs destroyed with it. He suddenly checked his second hard disc, and to our utter dismay, it was corrupt too. He sent both the discs to a technician asking him to recover any data he could. Sadly, everything was lost. Our honeymoon pictures, the various pictures of our holidays, first year of life, my pregnancy. But, the one that pinched us the most was the loss of our little daughter’s early childhood pictures. We were left with basically no or little memories of her. Technology can deceive us too, I learnt belatedly.

When I came across photojaanic and learnt that they have various options to store our child’s memories in print, I was impressed. I wanted a photo album of my daughter. You must be wondering where would I get the photos from. Well, I searched the Facebook where I had uploaded some of her early pictures, requested friends and family if they had any photos of my daughter and even dug in my phone for some pixelated pictures (any photo is better than none). And, somehow I managed to get a decent number of photographs to build into a lovely kids photobook. Now, she is at an age, where she really enjoys seeing her pictures, so thought it would be a good gift for her. And, more than her, it would be a memory for me, something to hold on to, something to go through in the future.

So I ordered my photobook through Photojaanic and uploaded the pictures. And within a few days, the photobook was delivered to me.

The quality of prints of the photos were superlative, just as I had imagined and believed they would be. I am thoroughly happy with the end product, my daughter’s first photo album.

See the delight on my daughter’s face as she goes through her pictures.

It is a nice way to personalize your memories. And, it’s very simple too.

  • Log onto Photojaanic’s website.
  • Choose from the many themes they offer.
  • Upload the pictures.
  • Customize your photobook by writing text in your preferred font or colour, change the size of the photos, etc. Be careful while adjusting your pictures to the size of the image box on the website.
  • Save the album. Pay the money. And, wait for your book of beautiful memories to be delivered at your doorstep.

Though I can’t get all those thousands of pictures, I am happy that I have a few pictures of her, and in my hand. All this cloud stuff is OK, but nothing beats the real stuff; when you have something precious in your hands. It’s like having a book in your hand vs. an electronic book. This is going to stay with me forever, even after my phone conks off, Facebook shuts shop or any hard disc tragedies.

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