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When lack of Vitamin E gave me cancer scare!!

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The pain started roughly two years ago. Initially, I felt the pain only when I travelled in autorickshaws, due to poor suspension in this vehicle, you get a lot of jerks. That’s when I realized my breasts hurt. But, I ignored it thinking my period would be on its way. A few months down, I realized that my breasts hurt even outside my menstrual cycle. But, a mother with a lot of responsibilities, I put it on the back burner like so many other things concerning me, and continued with my daily routine. This is how I ignored the pain for a year, imagine that!

Last year in February, one of my friends told me that she had a cyst in one breast, and she was going for a surgery to rule out the possibility of it being malignant. That is when I broached the subject of my now perpetual breast pain. She scolded me for my laziness, “How can you take such things so lightly. It’s your body, after all! What if it’s cancer?”

That C-word jolted me out of my inertia. Seriously, it could happen. Both my maternal grandparents had died due to cancer.

“Who is to say that it won’t find its way into my body.” I thought.

The next day, I went to see my gynecologist. I told her the problem. Without further discussion, she asked me to get a mammography done. It was a bad day for me, and the night even worse. I couldn’t sleep. All the time I thought of my family and how it would fall apart if something were to happen to me. A tensed mind goes into an overdrive and imagines the worst. And, that’s what happened with me. I told my husband who would take care of my daughter if I wasn’t there anymore. My husband chose to stay somber and silent, but held my hand firmly.

So, the next day, without losing much time, I went to a laboratory and got the mammography done, and with the report I saw my gynecologist again.

Seeing the report, she smiled. That was the first indication that things might not be as bad as I had imagined.

“What happened, Doctor?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking.

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Your pain is due to a deficiency of Vitamin E, and nothing else.”

I couldn’t imagine my ears.

“Vitamin E can cause such a scare?” I asked her.

She smiled and prescribed me #Evion – soft gel capsules that I needed to take 1 orally every day for the next 3 months. The pain subsided within a month of taking these capsules.

Apart from these, I also noticed these little changes in my body:

  • I realized my hair quality got better. My hair fall stopped considerably (that’s a major feat given that I suffer from hypothyroidism).
  • My acne reduced and face started glowing.
  • I suffer from eczema which causes severe itching and when I scratch the area becomes an angry red or brown. But, taking these pills controlled my eczema.

Of course, you can get Vitamin E from spinach, nuts (almonds, walnuts and peanuts), broccoli, avocado, kiwi, cucumber, olive oil, sunflower seeds, etc., however, in a case like mine, it was imperative to take Vitamin E supplements to arrest the breast pain.

I have seen people opening up these capsules and use the liquid inside to rub on their nails (if they are brittle), on eczema or psoriasis (direct application gives relief too), they mix the liquid with coconut oil or sesame seed oil and apply it on their hair, put it on their lips or dab on their sunburns.

There are various ways in which you can incorporate Vitamin E in your daily life. Vitamin E capsules don’t have side effects unless you are taking a very heavy dosage for a prolonged period of time. Before oral consumption, it’s always advisable to consult your doctor.



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  1. That is rather scary! I’m so happy it was just a scare! And I hope it’s a lesson to take care of your self first! Its like being in an airplane when the stewardess says “in case of an emergency when the oxygen masks fall down, secure yours on your face before helping others”. We are useless to our family if we don’t help our selves first!

    I have to ask my doctor about taking vitamin e. I’m breast feeding. But my hair is fallon out non stop. I know it’s said to be hormonal changes after birth. But I wonder if this would help!

    • Absolutely, Gina! Mothers are known to put themselves last in the priority of things. Yes, every mother experiences post partum hair loss, it’s due to loss of hormones that produced in your body during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your hair looked thick and lustrous, with very little hair fall. So after delivery, when the hormones leave your body, it’s like your scalp goes into an overdrive to make up for all the lost time. 😉 This is how my gynec explained to me. But, it would be more practical to check with your doctor if any supplements can help arrest this fall. Take care!

  2. That’s wonderful..glad you went for a mammography..M due for my first routine one very soon..

  3. thehappyamma

    I went through such phase but in my case i had taken milk duct block to a thickening of skin.

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