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What to expect from a 4 year old?

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It looks like there’s a nasty adjective attached to every year your child grows. The terrible twos are now a thing of the past, and so are troublesome threes, but hey, we just started with the fearsome fours, and it’s here to stay for a while now. So what I have experienced with my 4 year old so far:

They are Master Storytellers – They can spin a story out of nothing and make it sound credible too. So there is a green monster in her bedroom when she doesn’t want to go there, or a thief came to the house whom she tied up with a rope or there is a ghost house below the elevator shaft. It makes me think how and where she gets such fantastic ideas! Certainly, not from me!

They have an answer for everything – And I mean it, for EVERYTHING. On seeing a mosquito bite on her cheek, I told my daughter, “Did a mosquito bite you in the school?” She – “That’s why I told you na, not to send me to school this morning!” For a woman in her 30s who has seen quite a bit in her life, I still could not come up with a suitable retort.

They are not fools – A strange incident happened a few days ago. One of our very close relatives visited us. She called my daughter a few times and expressed desire to talk to her. But, my daughter refused. In fact, not only she did not go to her, but also refused to be in the same room as her. It was, I tell you, quite an embarrassing moment for me. A couple of days later, I asked my daughter why she didn’t talk to the guest. Her reply, “Because when I go to her house, she says ‘Go away from here’!” I was stumped.

They love birthdays (and gifts) – Ha, ha, who doesn’t? But seriously, their love for birthdays, cutting cakes and receiving gifts is at a different altitude. And yes, a party is a must, however small. My daughter was counting days till her birthday. Every morning, she would ask half-sleepily, ‘Is today my birthday?’ And the best part, now that her birthday is gone, she is not a bit perturbed – ‘So what, it will come again and then I will be 5 years old!’. Aren’t they just so optimistic?

As far as gifts are concerned, no party is complete without gifts. They shamelessly even ask for one. “Have you brought my birthday gift?” While you cringe, they don’t care!

They love asking why – Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, they have a question ready. You answer one question, and lo, another one is ready. It’s a never-ending chain (and they don’t care about your exasperation or fatigue) till you decide to send them to sleep. And they have questions for that as well. I somehow have an inkling they come well-fitted with this program.

“Why flowers bloom?” “Why it is raining today or why it is not raining today?” “Why do you want me to sleep?”

I have the answer to the last one – so that I don’t go and hang myself.

They love their friends – This might hurt you a bit, I know it did to me initially. They love their friends and desperately want to meet them. If she were 13, I would have understood, but only 4 and she is already crazy for her friends. I guess another year or two, before I should prepare for sleepovers too.

They can spill the beans on you – Beware of these little blabbermouths! You can keep a secret NO MORE. If they know it, everyone knows it! Not only secrets, they tell anybody and everybody, what they ate, where they went and what they did. Imagine your day to day life being publicly advertised. Let them not catch you in the act, or else you are done! Wink, wink!!

They throw tantrums – Actually, they never stop throwing tantrums. But the nature of these tantrums does change – they become nastier and hence more difficult to handle.

They are mini-adults – Most of the kids lose their cute pudginess (and how you miss it) and look like the miniature form of their adulthood. They even talk and throw logic like adults. With the body, their mind is shaping as well. They are curious and start showing interest in the world around them and developing important life skills.

They throw words back at us – You need to be very careful what you say before your kids. You can’t say no to your child for eating chocolate, and then go ahead and start munching on one in front of them. Go ahead, do it and you will certainly get an earful! 😉

They monopolize conversations – Your little chipmunk not only loves to talk, but also doesn’t let you talk. They feel left out when the conversation is not centered around them, or if no one is talking to them. Hence, they try to get the attention back on them. So everything has to be about them. Little narcissists!

So this is the fearsome four for me! And the amazing part is, the fearsome roller coaster ride has just begun! Good luck to me!

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