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What to expect during the terrible twos

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I had only heard of the term ‘terrible twos’. But now that I am experiencing it, I know it’s worse than expected.

Here’s sharing what you can expect from your toddler when he is two years old:

  1. When they learn to talk. And then there’s no end to it.
  1. When they realize they have a separate identity. And their opinion matters. This is when their inner monster wakes up. They will differ with you on just about everything; be it the choice of your clothes, their hair accessories or even shoes.
  1. When they learn to imitate. Toddlers are the biggest copycats. When you say no. They learn to say no. And when you say yes. Well, that never happens.
  1. When everything they see is their plaything and everyone their play date. Have good luck saving your favorite china, lipstick, cooking pans and shoes. Also, having a good meaningful conversation with your husband and friends becomes a thing of the past. Or the future. May be.
  1. When everything they see is theirs. This one’s the worst. All you do is be embarrassed and apologize all the time in public.
  1. When they stay more awake than asleep. And you want to catch up a little on your sleep, work and a thousand other chores.
  1. When learning takes a new form. What they learn in school is different. This is more practical and touchy-feely kind of learning. They will kick you or pinch you (when you are least expecting it) and wait for your reaction. And then they squeal in delight when you cry out in pain. Just reverse the roles and you spend hours soothing them.
  1. When they learn to blackmail. They discover the power of their tears. A few drops here, and a kiss there. A few more drops, and a chocolate/ice cream/TV or toys.
  2. When they realize staying hungry is more profitable. They discover their taste buds and as the entire human race before them, they too fall prey to it. So no more soups, veggies, roti, rice or legumes. And if they stay hungry, an anxious mamma will do anything (read, biscuits, cakes, chocolates etc) to fill up their empty tummy.
  3. When messy is their second name and ‘being dirty’ their favorite game. They love all the things dirty. The dirtier it is the better it is. Sand, muddy puddles, foods all mysteriously find their way into their hair, onto their clothes and skin. Try cleaning them without getting soaked yourself.
  4. When potty is their favourite word. Whenever you step out, you are at the mercy of their nature’s call. No prayers help. Really!
  5. When they keep on repeating things…..till you say yes. Deny them something and you never hear the end of it. They keep on saying it again, and again, and again and again and again and again….ok, stop. I will start the TV for you.
  6.  When they love rolling on the floor. Be it a dirty airport lounge, street or a railways platform, toddlers care for nothing but their own comfort. So if they find comfort on the dirty floor, there’s not much you can do about it.

I am sure I have forgotten quite a few of them. A list of toddler idiosyncrasies can’t be this short. If you remember any terrible twos anecdotes, feel free to enlighten us.

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  1. Lol so true..I am trying to wean my daughter from milk bottle and she keeps eating my brain.After asking for milk like 100 times I have to give up.

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