Gone are the days when you would hide your bump under the sari palla or over-sized tent clothes. Now is the time to celebrate pregnancy. You should be proud of it; after all you are carrying a new life within you. Let the world know. But now another point, a shout out is ok but please don’t do so in unattractive clothes. Pregnancy doesn’t ask you to become a frumpy maid.

what to wear during pregnancy.jpeg

What to wear during pregnancy (Image – pexels)

I will let you out a secret: you can be pregnant and still look a million dollars. Promise.

  • There are many Apparel brands that have launched their own maternity wear. But mind you they can be a little expensive. But what’s a little moolah if you want to retain your style quotient with attractive, fashionable and chic pregnancy clothes.
  • Check out baby stores as many of them keep inexpensive maternity wear from little known brands. These brands may not have their flagship/retail stores but they sell through other retailers.
  • You can get fab pregnancy dresses made by your designer or trusted tailor at a fraction of a cost.

But before you go on a shopping spree, keep these things in mind:


  • If you are shopping when you are in 5-6 month of pregnancy, buy clothes one size larger as usually belly enlarges in/after 7 month.
  • Pregnancy makes your boobs bigger and fuller. Indulge in a little cleavage show-off with sexy décolleté tops.
  • If you find your jean pants constricting, opt for harem and Palazzo pants.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Skirts and dresses are roomy and look incredibly sexy too.


  • Don’t buy tight clothes especially around the belly. Give yourself some room to breathe.
  • Don’t buy short/cropped tops which give frequent peep-shows of your belly. Believe me, it looks hideous. Keep the tummy covered at all points.
  • Some women instead of buying maternity wear opt for over-sized clothes. What they don’t realize is though the over-sized clothes give them ample room around the tummy, they are loose and sag at other places. Never do that unless you want to look like you have borrowed clothes from your very large cousin.