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What 20 Awesome Mothers Do for SelfCare Routine?

Mother in 30s with nail paint on her fingers practising selfcare routine

What 20 Awesome Mothers Do for SelfCare Routine

Mothers take care of the family, so much so that sometimes they forget to think about themselves. Yes, there have been times when I have pushed back a doctor’s appointment to fit in my daughter’s class. I am sure it has happened with all of you. We neglect our health, procrastinate and avoid exercising, go on the latest fad diet to lose the flab without consulting a professional. What I have seen is that we can still get away with it in our 20s, but 30s is not that kind to us. We start to fray at the edges and it is clearly visible in our health and behavior. Hence, having a selfcare routine becomes all more important in the 30s than ever before.

I asked some mothers in their 30s about their selfcare routine and how they take care of mental health and physical fitness day in and day out. Here is what they told me about their selfcare practices. Well, what better opportunity than the International Women’s Day for sharing with you what these 20 Awesome Mothers in 30s Do for SelfCare routine.

mother in 30s applying moisturizer on her hand as a part of selfcare routine

What 20 Awesome Mothers Do for SelfCare Routine

Let’s start with Aesha Shah, our popular lifestyle and parenting blogger and sub-editor of a monthly Children’s Newspaper- My Paper, whose blog – Aesha’s Musings is listed in the Directory of Top Indian Blogs 2018, who believes in the power of a morning nap.

My favourite self-care tip to everyone is to take a nap. I take a short nap after my hubby has left for office and daughter has left for school. Sometimes when I don’t feel like doing anything or just to rejuvenate myself, I take a nap in the morning. I feel so refreshed after that 30 minutes of siesta.

So try it someday, you will feel good. Also, if you don’t like to take naps, sit on a couch doing nothing. Just doing nothing also helps.

Akshata Ramesh is a Chartered Accountant by profession and a writer by passion. A Bibliophile, Dreamer, Story Teller, Shopaholic, Career woman who wants to shatter the glass ceiling and doting mommy of a toddler. She swears by her skin care routine by Forest Essentials.

I use Forest essentials Soundarya radiance cream twice a day, which nourishes my skin and keeps it healthy. Apart from that, I use Forest Essentials Kashmiri saffron and neem facial cleanser twice a day, which works well after a tiring day in re vitalising my skin.

Mommies, I hope you take the hint and rush to the nearest Forest Essentials store today!! (and before you ask, no, neither of us is promoting the brand) 🙂

Anami, an MBA (Management Science), a poetess, a content writer (Hindi & English) and a blogger who suffers from the incurable defect of observing life and its dwellings with a keen eye says –

Selfcare for me means doing everything needed to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit and healthy. Eat healthy, workout, meditate, relax, sleep well and repeat. Patience is the key.

Do whatever makes you happy. But, don’t be hard on yourself. Listen to your body carefully, it says everything. Never overdo anything. Don’t hesitate to seek help from family members including husbands.

Our next mother needs no introduction. She is an MBA (Systems and Finance) and B.E. (Computer Science). She has been the recipient of several awards for her contribution in the blogging space. She is a professional dance choreographer and is the founder of the dance enterprise “Rhythms & Beats”, co-owns the award-winning cookery portal “Tingle Your Taste Buds” along with her mother and is the founder and chief mentor at “Beyond the Box”, where she mentors children and adults on creative writing through classes and workshops at schools, communities and corporates.

Oh, yes, we are talking about none other than our super woman, Anupama Dalmia

Spending time with those who matter is a great way to rejuvenate and bring positivity into our lives. I make it a point to hang out with my girl tribe on a regular basis. These are the women who uplift my spirits and bring out the best in me by always egging me on. They love me for who I am and understand me in a way no one else can. This keeps me emotionally healthy and as per research, now even science says that quality time with female friends can do wonders to a woman’s health.

According to Ashvini, a former Corporate Software Trainer, a bonafide Yoga, Weight Loss & fitness enthusiast & an evolving mother to a chirpy little 5-year-old daughter:

To me, self-care is more about hearing your soul & flesh. A major aspect of self-care, for me, involves, calming all the overwhelm of the daily bustle. I reserve at least 30 minutes for my morning Yoga and breathing exercises. Breathing exercises enveloped by Yoga have a tremendously soothing & relaxing effect on your body, no matter how physically or mentally stressed you are at the moment.

And I make sure that breakfast time is all my glory when I quietly make notes for the day in my diary while listening to my favorite English classics of the 80’s. Music that sets your mood for the day is all that your soul needs. Isn’t it? 😀

Dipika is mom of a 6-year daughter, who believes learning must never stop.  She shares her real-time experience with her readers through her parenting and lifestyle blog.
While we all start taking care of ourselves in our 20s or early thirties, Dipika believes selfcare routine should begin much before that.
Self-care begins from the time when you start voting for yourself first. When we hit the 30s our body’s anatomy changes, and we require more care as compared to our younger self.
  • Simple habits of having a glass of lukewarm water early morning and drinking 1.5 – 2 liters of water throughout the day can bring a lot of change.
  • I often go with ‘no-sugar’ days, which is very easy. You just have to replace all sugary items from the diet with natural sugar or organic jaggery.
  • Everything is okay in moderation, I never go on crash diets or no carb/high protein diets etc. As a Punjabi, I love my food and make sure to eat all but in moderation. Smaller quantities with moderate and healthy oil.
  • Use lifts only when you are PMSing or are unwell. That’s the mantra I have been following for some time now, though it doesn’t help in reducing weight. But keeps the muscles on a task.
For Kalpana Manivannan, a former biology teacher turned organic farmer and an aspiring homesteader, a blogger, an amateur artist, a home chef and a self-proclaimed food safety Activist,

Selfcare is leading a toxin-free lifestyle and living an emotionally fulfilling, peaceful, content life. Eating organic and living naturally is a big part of my lifestyle.

  • Start my day with a green juice followed by sunbathing and sun gazing.
  • Yoga and breathing practices
  • Include lots of fruits and vegetables, mostly from my organic farm, in my diet.
  • Evening brisk walks.
  • Sleep at the same time every day and never compromise on it. Minimum 8 hrs of sleep is a must for me.
  • Being happy, doing things we love is an essential part of selfcare. It takes care of our emotional wellbeing.

Oh, and if you happen to be in or around Chennai, do visit KalpaVriksha Farms, an organic farm managed by Kalpana and her husband. 

Meha Sharma has always been a lean person and never gave much thought to fitness per se until she entered the 30s.

I felt a major shift when it came to my mental and physical well-being. It was then that I realized that now I had to actually consciously take care of my health for myself and my family. I started with simple cardio and Zumba. I would also recommend HasFit as they offer simple exercises as per your requirement. When I adopted this new lifestyle, I could feel the difference in my energy levels remarkably. Even a 20-minute run is enough to rejuvenate you and keep your body going. Now, on days I do not exercise, I feel lethargic and it is gradually becoming a chore which I cannot afford to miss.

Meha has an MBA degree in HRM and an MA degree in English Lit. She now works as a Visiting Professor in a University where she passes on her wisdom to management students while trying to do the same to her opinionated 7-year old 🙂

Priya Bajpai, a Mumbai based mom of a 10 years old, a writer, a blogger, a nature lover, thinks

With kids around, it is quite common for mothers to forget themselves. Something that air hostesses remind us during every flight ” put on the oxygen mask before you help others. Help yourself before you help others. 

Few selfcare tips that I follow- just wash those cracked heels every night and moisturize (surprise! one week was enough to get rid of them), once in a while a face pack can bring a smile to your face (remember the mask the air hostess was talking about, I took it quite literally ;), and having that cup of chai in the morning in the quiet of the morning. And those few minutes of meditation can do wonders to your soul, replace one negative thought with two positive ones. 

Priya Iyer, Co-Founder of The Word Salad, a high quality content creation company, says –

Self-care was and continues to be a tricky concept. I always believed that working hard would take care of almost everything – a heartache, a bad day, feelings of self-doubt, anything at all! And it did, for a while. After my daughter came along, there was a long period of time where I did not ‘do’ anything. And then I would be torn between the guilt of getting back to work and being with the baby. I

t is only now that I have realised that a state of being is not a binary of ‘doing’ and ‘not doing’. It is being comfortable with whoever you are at the moment. The best self-care there is, is to be comfortable in your own skin, whatever it looks like at the moment.


Priya Sundaram, full time mom to two kids aged 7 & 3, full time resource manager with a Canadian Telecom firm, occasional blogger, a silent observer of life insists “me time” is a must –

I have started waking up 30 mins earlier than my usual morning time. The whole family is sleeping at that time. I try to meditate or listen to my fav songs or hear Sadhguru’s talks. That’s my “me time” and it energises me for the whole day. I have seen my sleep quite go down after I have started meditating/practicing yoga.

Rashi Gopalani, dons many hats and all of them with élan. She is an associate professor with a leading undergraduate college in Ahmedabad, mother to two kids (15 and 11) and an aspiring Kathak dancer and has recently ventured into the business of homemade organic handcrafted hair oils with medicinal properties.

I felt guilty when my kids were young but now I realise that the time I give to myself is what keeps me happy and going. My most important tips to moms are –

  • Schedule – a to-do list daywise leads to a mess free day.
  • Sleep – proper sleep schedules at night and a little power nap in the daytime helps me relieve all the stress of the day.
  • Aroma magic – applying essential oils at tension points to ensure anxiety free sleep.

Smita Agrawal Omar lives by the mantra –

Early to bed, early to rise. Visit a salon once a month to pamper myself either through a pedicure or facial. I eat a handful of nuts in the morning, drink 2 litres water and 1 litre fluids such as green tea, buttermilk and consume at least 2 fruits a day.

Smita is the city editor of India’s leading parenting platform Momspresso, and has been associated with Momspresso for the last 6 years and writes parenting articles. She quit her high-flying career in banking and insurance 9 years ago to embrace motherhood and pursue her passion for writing.

I keep myself hydrated, follow a healthy diet of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, avoid junk, do all my household work by myself, walk and climb stairs. Also, I love to spend some time with myself with a good book or listening to music. I prefer natural ingredients or organic products for my skin care routine.

Sonia Madan, mom to two school going boys, was brought up in Delhi and is currently living in Hisar, Haryana. She loves to write and share her experiences on her motherhood journey, DIY beauty recipes, product reviews and much more.

I agree with Sonia, water is the elixir, you just can’t have enough of it!

Dr. Surbhi Prapanna, a qualified homeopathic therapist, lifestyle and parenting blogger and a mommy of two cute girls, believes

Being a mommy (and mommy blogger) it is easy to put our self-care routine on the back burner. But I believe fitting self-care into your busy schedule is all about planning the things correctly. For me, “self-care means to carve out more “Me time”. Every day, I try to take out 30-60 minutes of time for doing things that I actually love to do. During this precious “Me Time”,

  • I write either for my blog or anything quotes, story as per my mood.
  • Do a quick 30-minute refreshing yoga with deep breathing and simple stretching.
  • Or go for a long nature walk and spend some quiet moments with nature.

With these simplest activities, I feel refreshed, confident and more positive.

Tina Sequeira is an award-winning digital content creator, one of Hyderabad’s Top Literary Bloggers as well as leading Digital Content Creators in Hyderabad. Tina is the founder of ‘The Write Away Program’, a creative writing workshop where she mentors her students on the subtle nuances of creative writing. She has a bold yet practical advice for women in 30s.

My advice to women in their 30s would be to be fearless and relentless in the pursuit of learning, growth, and evolution. Be financially independent and prioritize yourself first. Finally, work hard, and play harder.

Varsha Bagadia, a Mechanical engineer and Finance post-graduate, has professional experience in Banking and Software. Career break post motherhood reintroduced her to her love for writing. She is now a passionate blogger, an aspiring author, freelance content writer and an editor.

Self-care for me means a complete holistic care of and for myself. It includes healthy diet, regular exercise, reading good books, pursuing my hobbies and even going for a spa visit. Anything that makes me happy is self-care and I love spending that time and effort for myself. I scrub 2-3 times a week and follow it up with some homemade face pack like besan-turmeric-yoghurt. Also, soaking feet in warm water and cleaning up the dead skin while watching a movie makes me feel good and saves time. ?


Varsha is a lady after my own heart who believes in the goodness of homemade beauty masks and remedies

Vartika, a mother of two precocious twins and a popular parenting blogger at Vartika’s Diary, says

My selfcare routine is quite simple as I am a lazy bone – big-time! I drink 3 litres water to keep myself hydrated throughout the day, start my day with soothing music, go on a walk for 30 mins, use stairs instead of lift, and laugh a lot. Before going to the bed, I never forget to wash my face and apply night cream and moisturize my hands too. And the most important thing is stay away from negative people.

Zainab, a lifestyle and fitness blogger at, believes putting yourself is most important.

After years of being a people pleaser, I realised it’s just not worth it. Even today, when I say no (nicely) I often tremble. But, this has been the best I could do for caring for myself. You see, putting ourselves is most important and even though it won’t happen at a flip of a switch, it will happen!

You can follow Zainab on Instagram where she’s most active

After reading all the wow selfcare routine from my favourite moms, I am adding my selfcare practises.

I believe exercising and eating right can help mothers sustain their 30s as well as the midlife. It keeps you fit and delays the onset of many lifestyle diseases. I devote at least 1 hour to myself every day in which I stop existing as a mother, wife or a homemaker, and I am just ME. In that 1 hour, I watch TV or read or just stare into space. I believe me-time is very important for a woman/mother.


Hope you had fun time going through what these awesome moms in 30s have to say about their selfcare routine.

Mother in 30s is happy and laughing as a part of selfcare routine

What 20 Awesome Mothers Do for SelfCare Routine

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