A recent snapshot of Brazilian super model, Gisele Bundchen, getting dressed by her small army of beauty technicians all the while breastfeeding her 1-year old daughter Vivian created quite an uproar in the digital world. Why? Beats me. May be because people felt she was being pampered or because she was still breastfeeding her child while at work? Whatever the case, it reeks of envy. Giselle looks sinfully hot (which no mother has a right to) even while half dressed, sans make up and feeding her child in a white terry towel robe. Here is a hot mama and though a super model, has her priorities right. Guys, just give her a break!

gisele bundchen -  we are mothers

It also prompted me to think whether the society in general just likes rapping a mother, because; well, just because she is a mother.

What nobody understands is that mothers are made up of special stuff.

We are Strong

We bear the child for 9 months happily and see our stomach or that special place below getting cut and stitched without a complaint.

We shed happy tears when the baby sucks painfully at our breasts.

We are never exhausted; we are always up to clean the baby, feed him and rock him to sleep.

We are ferocious

We fight for our kids with the neighbours, teachers and friends.

We are resilient

We take flak from people all the time; husband, family and society. And then from our kids; when they are in their rebellious teens or when later in life they ask, “What have you really done for me?”

We are Mothers, the chosen lot. We are born that way. We can take a lot, a helluva lot!!!!