No sooner is your baby born, when you are handed over a complete list of vaccinations for the child.

I remember taking my daughter for her first vaccination when she was hardly 2 days old. Well, it depends from doctor to doctor. Some doctors may stretch it up to 15 days. But that’s okay and no reason to panic.

I am very particular about my daughter’s vaccination schedule. I hope you are too.

This is the complete list of vaccines that my daughter has got till date. Feel free to consult it. But again, there might be some update in it.  Ask your doctor.

Vaccinations for your child

Vaccinations for your child

Vaccinations for your child


Also sharing some observations of mine regarding vaccinations:

  • Polio vaccines are administered both orally and intravenously as per your child’s vaccination schedule. IV doses have better immunity than the oral one. But they are expensive and optional too.
  • Most parents think that as their child is already getting polio vaccines from the doctor, they needn’t bother with the oral dose of Polio vaccine on every Pulse Immunization Day. Well, it’s a misconception. These doses are over and above your regular polio vaccine. So please take your child till he/she is 5 years old to Pulse Polio booths or Govt. Approved/recognized hospitals on every Pulse Immunization Day for free oral Polio dose. Government knows what it’s doing. So don’t take them lightly.
  • Not all the vaccines mentioned in the chart are mandatory. Some are optional to give your child extra ‘immunity’ from many rampant diseases. Those mandatory by the Government are available at Government Hospitals at reduced costs.
  • A few days ago one of my friends realized that the doctor hadn’t administered chicken pox vaccination to her 1.5 yrs old daughter. When she confronted him, he said but the vaccination is optional. So? That’s not a valid reason. Remember, doctors may or may not give you the list of optional vaccinations. I suggest you demand it. It’s your right to decide whether you would like your child to be given that vaccine or not.
  • Rotavirus vaccination provides immunity against diarrhoea among infants. But the vaccine is super expensive. I remember my daughter got 2 rotavirus vaccines for Rs. 4000 each and then a booster shot a year later priced exactly the same. But new vaccines come into the market regularly. You may find a vaccine with equal effectiveness at a lesser cost. Consult your doctor before taking any decision.
  • At the time of the vaccination, consult your doctor about the possible side-effects of the vaccination. Believe me, it will save you a considerable amount of worry later on.
  • After 2 years of continuous vaccination, your child gets a big break for the next vaccine is at 4.5 yrs. I was so upset that she won’t be given any vaccine for 2.5 yrs that her doctor chuckled, “There’s no vaccine for the next couple of years but you can still come for a consultation whenever your child needs it.”

Hope this post has helped you. Now all you need to do is remember those scheduled dates and take your baby to the doctors for the vaccines.