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Understanding life from a toddler

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Every night, I tell my toddler, little Aanya, “Aanya will now drink her milk, brush her teeth and then go to…” at which point I look at her expectantly and never one to disappoint me, she promptly replies, “sleep.”

But since Aanya has started going to preschool, in the afternoon I tell her, “Aanya will now eat her lunch, change her clothes and then go to…” and she finishes off the sentence with the customary, “school.” It’s a routine with us.

It makes me wonder the simplicity of her thoughts. My toddler’s daily life revolves only around the most important aspects; mama, papa, hungry, eat, water, pee, potty, sleep, school, toys, rhymes.

Her thoughts are not messy and her life is not cluttered.

She is used to watching nursery rhymes on TV; but if you make her watch them on iPad or phone instead, she is equally content and is not bothered by the change. Because it’s the rhymes she is interested in and not in the means that delivers it.

She is content with what she has.

In our building, Aanya has a friend ‘Simba’ whom she calls ‘Simi’. She plays with her daily. But on days, she doesn’t meet her she never once remembers her and vice versa. But when she meets her, she greets her like long lost sisters.

She is happy in the present.

While I am at it, I should say this. Aanya and Simba on most days play happily with each other. But there are some off days, when either Aanya hits Simba or Simba hits her. Why? With toddlers, you can never be sure of the reasons. They cry for a while, but in a few minutes, they forget the whole sordid affair and get back to playing again. Together. Just like that. No hard feelings, no revenge.

She doesn’t carry baggage.

As we grow older, we assume we have become wiser and more mature. But what really happens is that apart from wisdom, maturity and understanding, we also amass unnecessary things like ego, pride, envy, anger to name a few.

Sometimes I wonder, if God can grant me a wish to live my life like my little toddler.


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