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There Was a Time I Thought My Baby Would Need Diapers Forever – Until I Tried This Toilet Training Trick

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Any kind of weaning is usually a nightmare for mothers. First, there’s weaning from breastfeeding into solid foods, and then there’s weaning from diapers into using the toilet. But nightmare or not, toilet training has to be done. Peeling smelly, messy, poopy diapers off your baby’s bum, day after day, can take away all your energy! Hence, toilet training topped my list of mommy’s to-dos with my daughter. Even though I was so determined about it, I soon started getting an unsettling feeling: would my little one learn, or would she have to be in diapers forever?!

I will be honest with you. I have been luckier than many mothers as far as potty training is concerned. But it was pee training that really got me frazzled. It so happened that as soon as my daughter started sitting up, around the time when she was 7 months old, I bought her a potty with music. I had been told it was best to start early. Initially, she was not comfortable sitting on it. She cried all the time. But then, I started giving her baths on it (sounds weird, I know, but moms will try anything). And guess what, even though the music could not survive the everyday water onslaught, at least my daughter started sitting on it to take a dump.

The next step was making her sit on the big potty with a potty seat. Luckily, this also happened very quickly for me, as she enjoyed sitting on the colourful potty seat. So as soon as she made her ‘potty’ face, I made her sit on it. She soon realized she was supposed to do potty sitting on her seat. She learnt that was the right thing to do. And then one day, when she turned 1 ½ years, she started saying “potty” and then going to sit on the seat! Mission accomplished!

But here we come to weaning her off diapers. This proved to be a mammoth task. In fact, pee training was so difficult for us that there was a time I thought my baby would need diapers forever! I’ll like to share with you the tricks that finally worked for me, so you can speed up the process with your little one:

Trick #1: I made her pee often – every half hour, then every one hour, and then at larger intervals as she grew up and started holding up longer

Also, since my daughter was not on disposable diapers 24/7, that helped. If I missed sticking to these intervals, I knew there would be some cleaning to do. So I tried to tune myself to her system.

Trick #2: I weaned off the diapers one at a time – starting with the evening diaper

I would make her wear three diapers – one in the evening, then changed two in the night. So firstly, I weaned her off the evening diaper. That was easy. It was just like the daytime routine had stretched longer. Little by little, as she became aware of her body and her system, she started signalling to me when she needed to pee. But remember, a child this small is slow to realize her bodily needs. She might leak before she could realize or signal. So there will be misses. As for the two night diapers, more on that in a bit.

Trick #3: We gathered confidence while stepping out with her diaper-less

Once we were visiting a zoo. She was only 2.4 years old at the time. In the middle of our excursion, she said she wanted to pee. I told her, “pee in your diaper.” She refused. Then I told her, “Okay, then hold”. And I forgot all about it. After a few hours, we reached home and I checked her diaper. It was dry. That was when I realized that she was ready to be weaned off diapers when she was awake.

I had my heart lodged in my mouth all the time we were out. What if she peed in a restaurant before so many people? What if I could not find a bathroom on time? But I knew I had to start somewhere, sometime. Initially, I made her wear a diaper when we went out but still took her to the bathroom to get her familiarized with bathrooms other than her own. Whenever we stepped out, I said to her:

“It’s not right to pee in front of others. If you need to pee and we cannot find a bathroom, try to hold it.”

And really, she never leaked in public. Thank God!

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    Wow!!!these are some amazing tips and i really liked the weaning diapers one by one. this gives the child lots of confidence 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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