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These Doctor-approved Teething Foods Helped My Baby Maintain Her Weight!

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Your baby doesn’t have to stop eating or start losing weight just because she is teething. Here are some interesting doctor-suggested foods that will help your baby to eat right during the teething phase.

My daughter was very tiny when she was born. She weighed only 2.2 kgs. However, she put on weight faster than anyone could have imagined. At 4 months, she was weighing 6 kgs. Even her doctor was surprised and asked me what I was feeding her. Of course, she was on breast milk exclusively. Although friends and family admired my chubby baby, they also scared me saying that when my daughter started teething, she would lose her chubbiness. As soon as my daughter turned 6 months old (usually the time when babies start teething), I visited my daughter’s pediatrician for his advice.

The wise doctor placated me and told me very confidently, “Teething only causes teething. So do not worry!” Of course, he told me that she might have soreness and irritation in the gums and might start drooling more, but that was nothing to worry about. These are common symptoms of teething.

4 Foods I Fed My Baby During Teething

My daughter’s pediatrician suggested a few foods that I could feed to my daughter during teething. Luckily, I had already introduced solids in her diet. So introducing these foods to my daughter was easy.

1. Finger Foods: Cut Cucumber in long, thick slices and put it in the refrigerator to chill. Give these chilled Cucumber slices to your baby. Chilled foods can help soothe sore gums. I sometimes even gave her well-cooked, but not mushy, slices of Carrots for her to gnaw at.

2. Soups: I gave her a soup of 2-3 vegetables mid-morning. Every time I used a different vegetable like Carrots, Spinach, Pumpkin, Bottlegourd and Tomato.

3. Pureed Fruits: My husband and I love fruits, we can simply live off the fruits if need be. And, we wanted to develop the same love for fruits in our baby too. So, we tried to give her a variety of fruits every day. Of course, some fruits like banana were off-limits till she turned one, but she had plenty of other options to make up for. I grated Papaya, Mango, Soft Peach, Pear and stewed Apples before feeding her. I also gave her Watermelon slices sans seeds – she absolutely loved them!

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