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The Colour Of Pink

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The Colour of Pink

The nature has made so many colours for us to revel in. We all have our favourites – red, yellow, purple, blue. And they keep on changing. Ask any little girl what is her favourite colour is, and more often than not you will get – Pink colour. I don’t why but most girls have an unexplained fascination for the colour of pink.

Pink is the colour of passion and energy.

I am not too fond of the colour pink. Now. But as a young girl, it used to be my favourite colour. There’s something about the colour pink. It fascinates you and awes you. As much as you try to ignore it or run away from it, the pink manages to seep into the deep recesses of your mind and make you its slave. So even though it might not be your favourite colour, you will still see it popping up amongst a sea of other colours. And it is one colour you can forget in a hurry.

Pink is the colour of beauty.

I remember when my daughter was born, she had received a lot of gifts; blankets, accessories, cute little booties, diapers and not to forget clothes. Horde of clothes mostly in pink. People have this fascination for pink when it comes to girls. Remember all those baby showers and birthday parties that are overtly and nauseatingly pink. Oh, so you do remember those overwhelming three-tiered pink cakes, pink balloons and pink streamers. Good. So when I made her wear them, I realised all she was ever wearing was pink. Any time of the day, any day of the week. Not that she didn’t look cute in them. She looked like a doll.

Now when I go shopping for my nephew in various shops, I realise that where pink dominates girls’ section, I can hardly see a speck of it in the boys’ section. There are reds, yellows, greens and of course blues. But pink is conspicuous by its absence. Remember how we often say pink is for girls and blue is for boys. But we have taken these simple colour tips to a different level altogether. So pink is only for girls and blue is only for boys. It has become an internationally acceptable stereotype. It’s sad because I’d like to see a small infant boy dressed in pink. Wouldn’t he look pretty in it?

Pink is the colour of life.

It is also termed as the colour of femininity.  God alone save the man dressed in pink. He is automatically labelled as someone batting for the other team. The phobia of pink is so deep and intense that you won’t even catch a young boy wearing pink lest somebody thinks he is a gay.

It’s been a couple of days that I was reading the news about how a mother of a four-year old boy and her live-in boyfriend murdered the boy because he was displaying some effeminate qualities. Can you imagine? A 4-year old? The poor child didn’t even know what effeminate meant. Sad and unfortunate. The colour of pink killed him.

Just imagine how a colour that doesn’t even exist on the spectrum of VIBGYOR can dominate the minds of the population of this world. Pink is the colour of hope and love. It is also the colour of sweetness and innocence of the child in all of us.

Pink colour, after all, is just a colour; it needn’t become the matter of life and death.

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