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The Last Minute Gift

Whenever I open my daughter’s toy cupboard, I am always hit by an inexplicable feeling of nostalgia. As a child, I didn’t have even half as many toys as my little one has. Also, they consisted more of pots and pans stealthily borrowed from my mommy’s kitchen and later a kitchen set and a doctor set that my father got for me from one of his business trips. I loved these special gifts and would secretly wish for my father to travel more often. Wicked, wasn’t I? Anyways, this isn’t about me but the various toys that my daughter has.

My husband loves buying toys and games for her. He seriously believes that toys and silly games that kids play drive their psychological and emotional development. So every time he is travelling, he, like my father, comes back home with a toy or two; puzzles, soft toys, musical and electrical toys, shape sorter, doodle pad and so on and so forth. And my little one enjoys these surprise gifts from her papa.

But the last time my husband was travelling, his meeting schedule was chock-a-bloc. It looked as if he wouldn’t be able to make it to a toy store. So I took the matter in my hands. In the morning, I was searching for LEGO toys online India, I came across Yellow Giraffe, an online toy store. I also then remembered my friend recommending this site to me. This toy store delivers toys in India. Though it took me a while sifting through the numerous toys and games, for kids of all ages and to suit all pockets, I finally found the perfect toy for my little munchkin, a Lego Zoo set. I guess I have mentioned before how big an animal lover my little daughter is.

The same evening, much to my surprise, the said toy was delivered (God bless them!). It was beautifully wrapped in a yellow gift paper with a red bow and a bell, keeping in with the Christmas theme. When my husband returned from work, you should have seen his guilt and dread on facing his daughter. It would have been laughable if it weren’t so touching. But before Aanya could meet him, I thrust the toy in his hands. To say that he was shocked would be putting it too mildly. But soon the expression was replaced with relief and gratitude. He was happy and Aanya was over the moon. What more I could have wished for!

Aanya with her current favorite Lego Zoo set from

Lego Zoo from yellow giraffe

With her favorite animals like giraffe, elephant, tiger and polar bear, she is lost in her make-believe world.

They were the ‘Pride of the bed’ that night. As per the tradition, little Aanya insisted on sleeping with her newest toy and nothing could change her mind.

Just imagine sleeping with a bunch of plastic animals staring at you!

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