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Thank God, I have a baby

Thank God, I have a baby

I never thought I would say that. But as I think more about it, I realize that my baby is a boon to me.

Don’t judge me by the title yet. Read it first, consume it first and then tell me. Whether we meet our friends or family, the topic for mothers inadvertently revolves around her kids. And most often than not, they are full of complaints. “She wakes up for her nightly feeds” “He still wets the bed” “I hardly get time for myself” or “Look how I have become after the kid” and blah blah blah. But have you ever paused to think that for all the hell that our little ones create, they can be very useful in some circumstances. Yes, you will be surprised to know that what we have is powerful ammunition which if used at the right time and place can be amazingly advantageous.

OK, now don’t just gape. Keep on reading.

I am a person who finds it difficult to say ‘no’. Yes, guilty as charged. But that’s how I am. At an alarming rate, I find myself stuck in difficult positions like when I am on the phone with a person I don’t want to talk to, attending to a door-to-door salesman (I know I am beyond redemption) or a tricky neighbour and I can’t seem to extricate myself. No, before you ask I have trouble lying. But since my daughter’s born, I don’t have to lie, at least not forthrightly. Nor, I have to think hard to find a perfect excuse. She is my excuse. So after a while, it’s always ‘she is crying,” “she is hungry,” well you got the drift.

You know how socializing scene is in India. A long stream of relatives that bore you to death. But you can’t avoid them too. Before – I had a tough time making small talk with hundred and ten people, stretching my lips and faking a smile. Well, don’t think I am a sociopath. I like talking to people, but at my pace. With my kid in tow, I can pretend (sometimes, it’s not even pretension) to be busy with her. Result – I can avoid all those people I don’t want to talk to without anyone feeling offended. Yippee!

Once your baby grows into a toddler, it means much more arsenal for you.

This one’s hilarious. Embarrassing but funny. A few days before, we’d visited this restaurant where they don’t take a prior reservation. They assured us that we would get a table in under 30 minutes. After 30 mins, the guy said another 20. OK. Then another twenty. So I gave a few biscuits to my little one. But that was not enough. So she ran inside the restaurant and started moving around. At one point of time, the Maitre d’ asked her what she wanted. She pointed her little fingers to the food at the nearby table and then put the same fingers to her mouth. It was damn cute. Needless to say, we were pushed ahead of the queue and finally shown in. We placed the order immediately, but as they were understaffed they were taking time. After a while she got away from me and again started roaming. Then suddenly finding an empty chair with a family of three, she sat on it. Before I could react to it, she told the lady at the table, “I want to eat”. And to my surprise the lady started feeding her. I reached to the table and started taking her away, but she started crying. Moreover the Lady was totally cool with it. “I have gone through the same phase. Don’t worry.” She said. And she started feeding her risotto with enthusiasm. Next came the lamb. They asked me if she ate meat. When I said ‘yes’, they started feeding her lamb. My daughter came back to me only once she was totally satiated.

So you see, your baby does come to your rescue.

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    Good excuse to have another one!

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