Dear Darling,

When I see you fidgeting with iPad or watching nursery rhymes on the TV, it inadvertently takes me to my childhood days and fills me up with nostalgia.

Your jaw might fall down to know that we didn’t have iPads, smartphones; not even a mobile phone in those days. In fact, many houses didn’t even have a telephone. There was a big black box that rang only to convey important news; and not to chat silly with your friends for hours together.

There was a TV set alright. But only Black and white. There were no 24/7 broadcasting and no hundreds of channels. Only Doordarshan and that too worked from 8 to 10 pm only. Those 2 hours were your family time when all the family members came together to watch the TV.

When it rained, we didn’t hide ourselves in the room. On the contrary, we went outside to sail paper boats in the puddles and get drenched in the process. Oh, and the fury of the mother later!

You will be surprised to know that nobody knew of Friendship Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There were only birthdays back then, and the only reason to visit the restaurants. Those outings were far and between; hence more precious.

When we said games, we didn’t mean games on Xbox, Nintendo or PS4. But we meant good old games in the open fresh air like hopscotch, colour-colour, hide and seek etc.

Sitting in a plane was something to be talked about for days together. So was a domestic vacation to Simla, Kullu-Manali, Kashmir etc.

Computer was something that we had only heard of, never seen. Nor did we feel the need of owning one.

It’s true I didn’t have many things as I grew up, but now when I look back, I realise what I had back then, I wouldn’t trade for any of the fancy gadgets of today. My childhood was not at all like yours. I won’t say it was better than yours but yes, it was definitely simpler.

Yours lovingly,

Nostalgic Mommy

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