Hypothryoidism – Do not suffer in silence..!!

I am not sure whether I have shared with you before, that I have Hypothyroidism for last 12 years, and been on medication since.

Now, an underactive thyroid has a host of unappealing symptoms: brittle nails, hair loss, fatigue, lethargy, brain fog, hoarseness, depression, joint stiffness, muscles aches and pain, sensitivity to cold, constipation, slow metabolism, unexplained weight gain and inability to lose weight, complications in conceiving/carrying it full term.

So, this small gland secrets hormones vital for your body functions, Now, medicines help but they do not repair your gland. Even after taking medicines, I still suffer from all these symptoms, their intensity might be low, but they still plague me one way or the other. People close to me know my constant struggle with fuzzy memory and weight loss.

So what option you have other than taking medicines for your whole life?

Yoga, of course helps. Yoga has specific asanas namely:

  • Sarvangasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Naukasana
  • Ushtrasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Chakrasana
  • Simhasana
  • Surya Namaskara and many more.

Recently, I came across this video by Luke Coutinho, a well known nutritionist from Mumbai/India who has shared great tips to manage your hypothyroidism. And, one of them is consuming Coconut Oil. So here it is. My bottle of cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil. A spoonful daily, doesn’t have any taste. But, can work wonders.


So let me get back to you after a few months on my hypothyroidism status.

For all ladies suffering from hypothryoidism, do not suffer in silence. Act today!

Check out this link –

Disclaimer – This is not a product review. This was the cheapest bottle of cold pressed virgin coconut oil available on Amazon.


My 5-year old is eating right, thanks to this food app!


I have been using this food app, called bon happetee, for more than 6 months now. Developed by my husband and his team, this mobile app is for food lovers to indulge in their love for food without compromising either on the taste or on their weight loss or fitness goals.

Bon happetee is my fitness partner helping me with my lifestyle goals of losing weight and staying fit. It is my nutritionist, menu setter and lifestyle supervisor all rolled into one. It is simple and interactive use, and unlike other weight loss apps, doesn’t judge me when I tend to overeat on certain days, but gently guides me back to my pace. It is really…ok, I must be getting on your nerves by now with bon happetee this and bon happetee that.

So let me tell you the real reason behind this post. I log my meals in bon happetee app on a daily basis and exclaim with delight whenever I hit the score of 8 and above. Yes, it has a meal scoring system and like any examination, if you consistently score high, you keep on losing weight or maintaining it. So, yes, one day just after my lunch, as I logged my meal, the app told me that I had scored a 8 consistently that week. And, so in my happiness, I broke into an impromptu jig. My 5-year old who was watching me with unfeigned amusement, asked me what I was so happy about. I told her I had scored high on my meals on papa’s bon happetee app.

She innocently asked me, “Mama, can bon happetee give a score on my meal too?”

“Why not?” I said.

So I started logging her lunch –

1/2 small ladle Aloo Gobhi Mutter subji (Cauliflower potato peas)

1 small bowl plain Curd/Yogurt

1/2 Chapati

The app threw a score of 6. Unhappy, she asked me why it gave her such a low score. I just knew the answer ‘why’, and deep down she knew too. No dal and 1/2 Chapati was no decent for an active 5-year old. But, my previous advice had all fallen on deaf ears. Still, I could resist commenting, “If you don’t eal dal and eat only half a chapati, of course, you will get a low meal score”.

The next second, she asked me if there was any dal left. I put a bowl of masoor dal and the other half of her chapati in front of her, which she excitedly finished. When I again logged her meal, it gave her a score of 9. Needless to say, she started dancing too.

Another time, my daughter’s friend had joined us for lunch. I had made Rajma-Chawal (Kidney beans- White Rice). After finishing their meal, my daughter asked me to log in her meal on bon happetee. I complied and she got a score of 9. This interested her friend and she pleaded with me too.

“Aunty, mine too!” I logged in her meal as well, and she too got 9. Both girls were super happy.

It was a Sunday afternoon and my husband was at home. He witnessed the incident, which gave him the idea of incorporating certain features in his app for kids too. Most kids are fussy eaters, but they get a motivation to eat right, they will certainly do it.

My daughter is certainly motivated to eat right just so that she can score high on bon happetee. If you have a fussy eater at home, bon happetee might help you too! Eat good, be happy. For both you and your kids!

Download the app, click here.

Are you pregnant? I was asked!!!

I was never a slim person, but not fat either. Just somewhere comfortably sitting on the fence. As per my height of 160 cms, I weigh between 59 to 62 kgs. Though I am not OK with that, I have somehow resigned myself to the fact that that’s what it’s going to be. I eat sensibly (I do not diet), and rarely go over the board. I exercise 3-4 times in the gym and love to do strength training.


However, just 3 months ago, as I visited my daughter’s school for an open house meeting with the class teacher, a lady asked me if I was expecting.

I said, “No”.

She deliberately looked at my tummy and asked, “Are you sure?”

I was upset by the incident. Not, by the mother asking me, but by the obvious reference. I looked closely in the mirror. My tummy was bulging out. No wonder she thought that. I would have too, if I had been in her position. I had not made any changes to my diet. So how could I have gained weight? The next day, I went in for a BMI check, and indeed, my weight was hovering over 64 kgs.

My, my!! I freaked out. I knew I had to be more diligent about what I put in my mouth. Two months of sincerely watching my food intake, while continuing with my strength training, I expected my weight to come down. But, did it? No, mother of all shocks. It didn’t! It was still at 63.9 kgs.

And, that’s when my husband stepped in. He asked me to use this app – Bon happétee. To me apps meant what’s app, Facebook, and my online shopping apps. With serious misgivings and also clueless as what else to do (I didn’t want to spend on nutritionists; I’d rather buy clothes, lovely ballerinas and bags), I started using Bon happetée.

Well, I must say I liked the interface. It was inviting and easy to understand. I logged in my dinner – a big bowl of lettuce salad. I was happy that I had eaten well. But, then I got the score from the app. It gave me an embarrassing score of 2 out of 10. The app had a bug. I thought. No one could eat healthier than this. It should have given me 10.

I took it to my husband and smirked, “This app has gone berserk. It is penalizing me for eating salad”.

My husband asked, “Did you find out from the app, why it gave you such a low score?” I was nonplussed.

“It tells you that?”

He showed me how to find out what’s wrong with your meal in the app. And, seriously, the app told me that though I felt I was doing a good job eating a salad, my body was not getting the required amount of carb, protein, fat and fiber from the meal, which if translated said that eating a less than hearty meal is important as it avoids binge eating.

My husband reminded me, “Whenever you eat ONLY salad for dinner, you end up eating kurmura, mathris and other mixtures at 10 in the night”, which was true!

The app was simply telling me to eat heartily now than eat junk later, which is one of the primary reasons my weight was stagnant.

The next day, I entered my lunch details – 3 small idlis and 1 medium spoon coconut chutney. But, you know what it threw at me – a measly score of 6. Why was that? Because there was very little protein, fat and fiber in my meal. And, if you are not aware of it (as I wasn’t earlier) it’s the protein that makes us fuller, and not carbs. Carbs only makes us hungry faster, while proteins keep our tummy satiated and hence, fewer cravings for reaching out for that dessert or midnight snack.

It’s been a month since I have started using the app. And, let me tell you, my weight has gone down 1.5 kilos. However, it’s not the weight that I am worried about. The best part is my problem of indigestion post afternoon is almost gone, I feel better and lighter, no problems of constipation (which is a major sign of good health) and I sleep better. And, the most important thing – I do not have mindless or unnecessary food cravings.

The app has a feature that not only records daily meals and analyzes my daily and weekly scores to give me an idea about what I am eating and if it is right, but it also gives me my daily meal plans, just like a nutritionist. Bon happétee is my personal nutritionist (free of charge, of course), and helping me at every inch of the way (pun intended! J). And, if like me, the question “What to cook today?” drives you to the wall too, this app also recommends your daily menu. Yes, that’s neat, isn’t it?

Oh, and before I forget, my tummy definitely looks tucked in. So no more ‘when are you due?’ remarks for me! J

To install the app, visit this link – http://www.bonhappetee.com/?install-now