Hypothryoidism – Do not suffer in silence..!!

I am not sure whether I have shared with you before, that I have Hypothyroidism for last 12 years, and been on medication since.

Now, an underactive thyroid has a host of unappealing symptoms: brittle nails, hair loss, fatigue, lethargy, brain fog, hoarseness, depression, joint stiffness, muscles aches and pain, sensitivity to cold, constipation, slow metabolism, unexplained weight gain and inability to lose weight, complications in conceiving/carrying it full term.

So, this small gland secrets hormones vital for your body functions, Now, medicines help but they do not repair your gland. Even after taking medicines, I still suffer from all these symptoms, their intensity might be low, but they still plague me one way or the other. People close to me know my constant struggle with fuzzy memory and weight loss.

So what option you have other than taking medicines for your whole life?

Yoga, of course helps. Yoga has specific asanas namely:

  • Sarvangasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Naukasana
  • Ushtrasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Chakrasana
  • Simhasana
  • Surya Namaskara and many more.

Recently, I came across this video by Luke Coutinho, a well known nutritionist from Mumbai/India who has shared great tips to manage your hypothyroidism. And, one of them is consuming Coconut Oil. So here it is. My bottle of cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil. A spoonful daily, doesn’t have any taste. But, can work wonders.


So let me get back to you after a few months on my hypothyroidism status.

For all ladies suffering from hypothryoidism, do not suffer in silence. Act today!

Check out this link –

Disclaimer – This is not a product review. This was the cheapest bottle of cold pressed virgin coconut oil available on Amazon.

I lost my baby to Hypothyroid

Yes, that’s true. People take thyroid very lightly. I have met scores of people who say, “I have thyroid but I am fit. I don’t need to take any medication.”

I feel like shouting at them, “I am fit too, do you think I am mad to take the medicine?”

But I don’t say anything. For I know their answer.

I lost my baby to hypothyroid

But seriously thyroid is like a termite, not seen from outside but wastes the body from inside. My whole family has hypothyroidism, so really there was no escaping it. I suddenly got it when I was 26. My weight was increasing, my feet were swollen and there were cramps in my legs. I really didn’t think much about it unless I visited the family physician once along with my mother. He on seeing me immediately suggested, “Get your thyroid profile done today.” And as he had suspected, I had hypothyroid. And so started the little round hormone pill every morning on an empty stomach, without fail.

I would get my thyroid tested every 3 months, though there were hardly any fluctuations. Then I conceived. And I was on top of the world. But never the one to forget tiny details, I asked my family physician if I should get a thyroid test done and change the medicine strength that I was pregnant.

He didn’t feel the need for it. It was still early; only 5 weeks. He asked me to get it done once I got the baby’s heart beat. But little he or I was to know that I would never hear my baby’s heart beat. My baby had stopped growing in my womb and needed to be aborted. I had a gnawing suspicion that something was not right. Though it was not necessary, I got my thyroid test done and the results were mind blowing. The thyroid level had shot up to 5 times the normal score. I was stumped. No wonder my baby didn’t survive.

Though my doctor advised, “Don’t go into finding the reasons. There might be numerous things which might have caused it.”

But I didn’t believe. A woman is a mother the moment she discovers she is carrying a child. It was difficult for me to let go so easily. Somehow I knew my thyroid was the culprit. If only the doctor had listened to me then, if only I had been stubborn enough to get my tests done earlier. If only…but life had to move on and couldn’t stop forever on ‘if onlys’.

So the next time I came to know I was pregnant. The first thing I did was get my thyroid test done. And before even meeting my gynecologist who would have confirmed the pregnancy, I ran to the physician. My thyroid levels were up and so the dose was to be adjusted too. Thereafter, every month I got the thyroid test done and visited the doctor who adjusted the dose accordingly.

Thyroid is not to be taken lightly. Firstly, a woman might find it hard to conceive if her thyroid is not checked. Secondly, even after conception, she needs to religiously take her thyroid hormones or there might be a pregnancy loss. Also thyroid medication not properly taken during pregnancy might affect the physical and mental development of the fetus. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?