6 ways your body changes after pregnancy

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It’s been more than 6 years since my child birth. I have attained my pre-pregnancy weight, in fact, I weigh lesser now than 7 years ago. And, I am fitter and healthier than ever before, thanks to adopting a healthier lifestyle. However, my body that underwent a transformation during pregnancy has still not 100% recovered. Looking at me, one could easily say ‘she has been pregnant once’!

Pregnancy makes your body change in some irreversible ways. Here are a few ways your body changes after pregnancy.

Boobs: Your perfectly round goblets or ripe mangoes or whatever you chose to call them with their taut nipples do not look up to the sky anymore. They are a lifelong slave to gravity now. While, your cup size may not have changed, once a subject of your pride, these poor souls now, look malnourished and exhausted. Heck, you could use them as a pen holder now! (And, yes, I have tried it! 😉 )

Belly: I still remember on a visit to the Jemma el-Fnaa in Marrakech in the night, while we were waiting at this spiced dessert kiosk, one lady came up to me and said politely, “You should not have this in your condition.” Before I could understand what condition she was referring to, she looked deliberately at my bulging tummy. When she read the confusion in my eyes, she was very apologetic, but not as much as I was. So much for my gymming, 90 second planks and crunches till my insides hurt. My taut belly is lost forever. It’s as if the elastic was pulled too long, and it’s taking forever to find its place.

Hips: I have always had child bearing hips, which is a polite way of saying I have a big butt. However, I still miraculously fit into my 15-year old jeans. Maybe, I have landed myself the original travelling pants of the sisterhood, who knows!! But, I definitely feel that the fit of my jeans has changed. They say the hip bone structure change in the pregnancy, and that’s what has happened to me without really affecting the size. Lucky me! Yay!

Bladder: OK, this may not sound very pleasant, but it needs to be said, or in my case, written. Remember, how during pregnancy, you leaked a little when you laughed out loud or sneezed. And, then you were so happy because you thought with child birth that would be a thing of the past. And, now you realize how wrong you were. Because your little bladder has lost its elasticity or continence forever. And, so even years after childbirth, while you are watching a comic movie, or while sneezing, you may leak a little. Yuck! But, true! I have recently started with Kiegel exercises for urinary incontinence, you might want to look it up on Google and start yourself.

Feet: Personally, this hasn’t happened to me. But, I have heard women groaning over how large their feet have become post pregnancy. Some have grown their foot size up to a foot. Interesting, right??

Stretch marks: Silver lines on belly, hips, thighs and arms are a common sight in pregnancy. They show you are nurturing a life within you. But, once that life comes out, these lines still refuse to go. Yes, they stay with you forever, a constant reminder of what your body has undergone.

Have you felt any difference in your body post pregnancy? Do share, though I can’t help much, it would be lovely to know!





4 Honest Feelings I Had About My Postpartum Body – and No, They Aren’t All Good!!


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Post delivery, I was in a confinement for 40 days. That meant strict dietary restrictions – I could have only certain foods. Let me tell you I could count them on one hand – Dairy (Milk and Ghee), moong dal, gourds, wheat flour and spices like ajwain, jeera, and turmeric. It wasn’t a splendid time, I must say. Day in day out, the same menu.

  • Ajwain roasted in ghee for breakfast, jeera roasted in ghee for evening snacks.
  • Milk twice a day.
  • Moong dal, gourds and rotis for lunch and dinner. The rotis dripped in ghee, enough to fry puris in them.

If I still felt hungry outside this menu, I could eat more ajwain and jeera. Needless to say, I did not eat much for the next 40 days. Even without food scarcity, I went hungry at home.

In bad shape – physically

And, then hogged like crazy once the restriction was lifted. Having a normal delivery, the doctor had advised me to start exercising one month after delivery, I didn’t start at least till six. Whatever little time I got went in sleeping. There was no time and energy left for exercising.

Result – my body had lost shape. And, how!

I looked in the mirror, noticed the sagging boobs, love handles and bulging tummy – I felt bad about them. But, covered them up in oversized clothes. It wasn’t up until one day I tried to fit in my old pair of jeans when I realized how much I had changed.

The episiotomy horror

Well, extra inches wasn’t my only worry. I have had an episiotomy. Anyone who has had one will know what a nightmare it is. And anyone who hasn’t had one, god bless them, they really needn’t know what it is. I prayed that I didn’t have to poop, and if I didn’t poop, I prayed that I could die. It was 2 months of nightmare where I had to sit in hot tubs of salt and Betadine, apply creams so that the stitches healed faster, and sit on a pillow so that the rear didn’t hurt.

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5 Things You Should Never Tell A New Mommy

new mother

With 9 months of pregnancy full of people shooting away this tip, that suggestion, why did I ever think post-pregnancy would be any different? If at all, the tips, suggestions and questions only grew in number. However, these 5 take the cake.

Beware: These 5 advice you should never give to a new mommy. She may scorn you with her looks, ask you to leave or worse still, curse you (inwardly! I may have done so!).

My delivery was so smooth (or so difficult) – Hey, listen, your time’s up! It’s been 10-20-30 years since you last delivered, and must have had your share of attention then. So, keep your mouth shut, for now, it’s my time. And only I need to talk about how my delivery was.

Does it hurt? – No, it doesn’t! What’s the big deal? IT just delivered a baby, IT had an episiotomy, and IT had stitches… but I see no reason why it should hurt!

That pregnancy tummy will never go away. See mine – I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since ages, I feel like a milking cow and I am hurting like hell down there, the last thing I care about is my tummy. I have my priorities right, and this lump of a tummy doesn’t feature on it. Period.

The baby looks like her granny/uncle/aunt (anyone but you) – This is seriously non-acceptable. I kept her for 9 months, had a horrible morning sickness, nurtured her in my womb, spent sleepless nights, gone through 17 hours of labour, so if at all she looks like someone, it has to be me. And if she doesn’t, you don’t need to rub salt into my wounds.

When are you having another one? The baby needs a sibling! – Yeah, like I need a shot in my foot. And who says so? The baby? Let me get over the first one…my insides are still rattling, my feet still wobbly, my eyes blood red…!!! I feel like going back in time and reverse the damage, let alone have a second baby.

Let’s hear what kind of questions and suggestions you got post-pregnancy that made you feel like screaming blue murder!