10 Essential Items for Diapering your Baby On-The-Go

Travelling with your baby needs a lot of preparation. Diapering your baby while on the move can be quite a tedious task. You need to ensure that you pack your diaper bag with all the necessary items.

Are you worried that you may forget something important? Keep the following checklist handy, and let go of all your packing woes:

1. Disposable diapers
The most important item in your bag is, quite obviously, the diapers! You will be required to change your baby’s nappies every few hours. Carry disposable diapers in sufficient quantities, depending on the duration you will remain out of the house.

2. Disposable bags
Carry separate disposable bags to dump used diapers. These bags will ensure that the soiled diapers do not create any mess or foul smell in your diaper bag.

3. Reusable diapers
If you are on a long trip, and think that reusing diapers is easier than carrying a bulk of disposable ones, then go for reusable diapers. These diapers will help make your bag light.

4. Wipes
Wipes are necessary while diapering your baby. They will keep your hands and your child clean and dry.

5. Sanitizer
A hand sanitizer will help you maintain proper hygiene after diapering your baby. It is a must as you may not get a chance to wash your hands every time you change your baby’s diapers.

6. Cream
Keep a travel-sized tube cream in your bag. You will need it for your baby every time you change the diaper.

7. Air freshener
Travelling with poop smell will be very unpleasant. Use an air freshener so that you and your co-passengers may have a stink-free journey.

8. Napkin
There’s no such thing as too many napkins. You will always require more napkins than you think. You will need one every time you feed the baby or when you need to clean dripping saliva or an accidental spill. Napkins are your best friends, and you’ll find plenty of uses for them.

9. Baby clothes
Always keep an extra pair of baby clothes ready. Spits, spills, or diaper leakages may be severe enough to require a change of clothes, so you had better have some on hand.

10. Bottle
Breastfeeding while travelling will be difficult. Keep your baby’s milk bottle ready, and ensure that you carry warm milk during all your journeys.

Be prepared for anything while you’re travelling with your little one. Carry these items while keeping your bag as light as possible.

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10 Things All Diaper Bags Must Have

When I became a mother, I got a few diaper bags as gifts for my newborn. However, none came along with the advice as to what to put inside. Every time I stepped outside, I filled up a diaper bag with stuff I thought I would need only to realize later that though some things came in handy, I had completely forgotten to put some important things in it for the baby. After a few trials, I almost got it there.

Sharing my suggestions for what a first time mommy should carry in a diaper bag.

diaper bag must-haves

Quick Dry Sheet: It soaks little one’s urine up to 8 times. Isn’t it just heaven-sent? Use it as a changing sheet or just for some diaper-free time for your tiny tot.

Cotton Dupatta: It’s another multi-utility thing that should absolutely go in your diaper bag. It doubles up, no triples up as a nursing cover, soft blanket or a baby-wrap. Agreed that it isn’t as cool as the many cute baby blankets available in the market, but it sure wins some points in being innovative. Use a bright printed dupatta to add a little colour and style.

Plastic bag: Always carry a few black plastic bags; they not only come in handy for throwing soiled diapers but also for storing soiled clothes, bibs etc.

Water Bottle: A water bottle/feeder/sippy cup for you as well as your little one.

Formula and snacks: Carry a bottle of formula/dairy if you are bottle-feeding your child. For an older child, always carry some snacks/titbits to munch. I carried snacks in these stay-put suction bowls that attached themselves to any surface and didn’t come off without help.

Change of clothes: Never, I mean never step out of your home without carrying extra clothes for your little one. It might be for only 30 minutes, but accidents don’t plan and happen. I always used to carry two pairs of clothes and also one for me in the diaper bag. Even now, when my daughter is almost three years old, I carry one change of clothes for her. They are kids; you can’t expect them not to spill food or fall down and get dirty.

Toys: Rattles, teethers, pacifiers or board books; anything that works to keep your little one engaged. 🙂

Diapers: Don’t even imagine leaving the house without a few diapers in the bag. An absolute must!

Wipes and Sanitizers: Baby wipes to clean the baby and sanitizing gels and napkins to make you feel human again.

Napkins: If your baby drools (most of them do), always carry some napkins. They can also double up as burp pads.

Mosquito repellent: And last but not the least a mosquito repellent spray, cream (I use Chicco’s) or patch. I may sound like a paranoid mother, but you can never be sure where you find those ghastly insects. And seeing those ugly red swollen patches on my little baby’s skin breaks my heart.

Have I left something? Feel free to add in the comment and I would be obliged.