Why don’t I give my daughter juice?

fruit juice

A few years ago, my friend and I took our kids to a park. After playing for a while, the kids got hungry and demanded food. I looked into my bag and realized that I had left the tiffin box at home. But, my friend, fortunately was carrying hers. She took out 2 tetra packs of mixed fruit juice and a big pack of biscuits.

“I got juice and oat biscuits, at least kids will have something healthy than those chips!” She announced. I chose to stay silent. My daughter was hungry, and I didn’t have anything else to offer to her. So, she got a treat of packaged juice and biscuits.

On reaching home, I narrated the whole incident to my husband. Shock, indignation and disappointment were writ large on his face.

“This country is doomed forever if its educated citizens think that packaged juices and oatmeal biscuits that come out of a packet are healthy for kids!” He cried.

See at the back of any tetra pack containing fruit juice – it would say natural fruit sugars and added sugar. Natural fruit sugars is fructose and added sugar as we all know is pure white sugar. Also, there is no mention of any fibre of the fruit, because the juice contains none. So, basically, we are giving our kids an overdose of sugars. It causes blood sugar levels to rise rapidly resulting in a burst of energy that is short lived. High blood sugar levels cause the body to store the excess energy as fat. Also, once the sugar gets stored in the body, the blood sugar levels come down leaving the child tired and cranky. So, giving a packaged fruit juice to your child doesn’t the purpose.

But, wait it doesn’t get over here. Learn what all it can do to your child.

As the blood sugar levels come down, the body craves for more sugar that it just lost. So, the child will start demanding for sweet stuff. You got him or her into this vicious cycle!

Juices are overloaded with calories, empty ones. Your child is not getting fibre, or enough protein and healthy fat out of these. No wonder, we see child obesity and type 2 diabetes on a rise in India. Juices, cola and sweets all contribute to it!

And to all those who say juice contains real fruit, no…it doesn’t! It contains fructose-concentrate juice. 1 orange juice (200 ml) = goodness (what does it even mean) of 3-4 oranges (yes, I read it on the advert of a popular “no added sugar” orange juice…it said 17 oranges for 1000 ml pack!!). 1 apple juice (200 ml) = 4-5 medium sized apples.

Now, tell me honestly, can our kids eat so many oranges and apples at a time. No, right! Then, why are we feeding them so many fruits in the form of juice?

My daughter loves juices so much, she can finish the entire 200 ml pack without taking a pause. Yes, kids love sugar…don’t they just! However, I restrict these juices to occasions…she can have them as treats at birthday parties or at picnics.

I have stopped giving her homemade juice as well. Why?

Simple rule – drink not what you can eat!

If she can eat 2-3 oranges and 2 apples, I have told her, she can have her juice, which hasn’t happened so far! So…..

Read more about myths and facts about fruit juices here – http://bonhappetee.com/blog/2015/10/27/myths-and-facts-about-fruits-and-fruit-juices/

It’s not only about fruit juices, but pretty much about everything that we eat and feed our kids. Let’s be informed before we put stuff in our kid’s mouth. Parenting is not only about sending kids to the best of schools and classes, buying them the best of toys…but it is also about feeding them the best foods.

Oh, and now I always make sure I am carrying a dabba of snacks from home!


How to kill head lice naturally?

The moment you see your child scratching her head you panic, don’t you? After all, it is every mother’s worst nightmare come true. If your child’s head is infested with lice, then it’s a long battle to kill the lice and get rid of the nits (lice eggs).

How to kill head lice naturally?

As a child, I remember how my mommy used to thoroughly check my sister’s and my head every Sunday for any signs of the dreaded crawlies. She forbade us to sit near or play with friends, classmates or cousins who were plagued with this parasite. Well, in spite of taking so much care, I remember we had still caught the lice a couple of times. Whether my sister had caught first and then spread the infection to me or was it the other way round, I don’t remember but if one of us had caught the lice, the other one would catch it even before my mommy knew about its existence. So then started a long and painful procedure to get rid of them. To this day, I dread the fine-combed nit comb. It hurt so much. Mediker shampoo had arrived quite late in the day. Also, these shampoos contain harmful chemicals that enter the human system. So it’s best to avoid them.

There are a few popular myths regarding head lice. Let’s see and bust them:

  • Head lice are a sign of dirty hair or poor hygiene: hygiene has got nothing to do with lice infection. They suck blood to survive, what do they care about your hair hygiene?
  • Head lice can jump and fly from one head to another: head lice can neither jump nor fly, all they can do is walk from one head to another. And for that, the heads have to be touching each other for the lice to get attached from one head to another. Head lice prefer staying close to the scalp to facilitate easy sucking of blood.
  • Head lice are infectious: yes, they are infectious but that doesn’t mean you need to ostracize the infected person. It doesn’t spread through touching hands or sharing food. All you need to take care is that your head shouldn’t touch the head of the infected person and you don’t share towel, bed sheet, pillow cover and comb of that person.
  • All family and friends need treatment: only if they have head lice. If they have had head-to-head contact with the infected person in the past few weeks, then it’s advisable they undertake the treatment. Also, all the infected people in the same home should undergo the treatment at the same time.
  • Head lice can be prevented: I have known people who treat their kids’ hair with strong anti-lice shampoos/medicines in a bid to prevent the infection. It doesn’t work like that. Don’t use such harsh treatments unless your child’s been infected. If you wish, you can check your child’s hair every week or so. This way you will come to know soon if your child’s hair has been infected of late. You can thus start the treatment quickly and prevent the infection from spreading on to others.
  • Head lice prefer girls: no they don’t; they don’t know how to discriminate. All they want is a scalp from which they can suck blood. But yes, it’s easier to attach to girls’ hair as they are longer.

These are my mommy’s tried and tested natural home remedies to get rid of the lice and nits.

Neem leaves:neem leaves - How to kill head lice naturally?

It is no doubt bitter but also one of the most useful trees the nature has offered us. Soak some neem leaves and then crush them. Now apply the juice on the scalp by parting the hair. Keep it for an hour and wash it off with plain water. It smells and tastes awful but works like a charm. You may even use neem oil for the purpose.

Onion juice: It’s smelly but totally worth it. Grind one big onion in a juicer. Now part the hair and with the help of a cotton wool, apply the onion juice on the scalp. Keep it for some time, approx. an hour or so, and then wash it off. Now comb the hair and you will see the dead lice.

Remember, these natural remedies only kill the lice and not the nits. So you will have to use it again after 1 week for the next 4 weeks by the time which all the nits would have matured into lice.

Vinegar: Dilute vinegar with water in 1:3 ratio. With the help of a cotton wool, apply the mixture generously on your scalp. Now tie a soft cotton cloth on your head and leave it overnight. The next morning, wash it off with water.

I found this link to eliminate head lice with simple, safe and natural remedy. It might help you: http://www.undergroundhealth.com/eliminate-head-lice-simple-safe-natural-remedy/

Do you know of some other natural ways to get rid of lice? It would be helpful if you could share with us here.