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Store Room and the Perfect Punishment

Little Aanya is becoming naughtier as the day passes. Not only that, she is turning into a stubborn child too. Sometimes, it’s easy to humour her. But, at other times, she is so obstinate that I am left with no other option but to punish her.

As per the popular punishment, I made her sit on the chair for a supposed time-out. But hardly had I walked away from the chair, when I found her standing by my side totally unfazed. The next time I made her sit, she started making faces and singing her rhymes. The time-outs didn’t work for me.

A few days later, I was so furious at her, that I locked her in the store room with no lights. The next second, she started howling and I had to let her out. But that worked.

After that episode, anytime she scaled my patience levels, I would say very calmly, “Do you want me to lock you in the store room?”


And she would reply in a small voice, “No!”

I had at last found it. The Perfect Punishment.

The store room came to my rescue every time Aanya refused to eat, pee, poop, sleep or get dressed.

Then one fine day, she was being her naughty self again. I asked her, “Aanya, store room?” She didn’t reply nor did she stop being herself. So I locked her in the store room.

A minute passed; nothing. Two minutes; still nothing. Five minutes. Now I was worried. I opened the door and was shocked. My entire store room was turned upside down. The papers were scattered all over the floor and the shoes were thrown down from the shoe rack. And my little naughty darling was happily playing with the brooms. As soon as she saw me, she grinned at me absolutely unbothered that she was still in the punishment zone. It was so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing.

Good bye store room! Time to find another perfect punishment.

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