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Start your day with Orange & Whiskey Marmalade

A jar of orange & whiskey marmalade

A jar of orange & whiskey marmalade

An Orange & Whiskey marmalade – quite an intriguing combination, right? Well, why not? Two of the most loved flavors of the world have been brought together to prepare the marmalade.

Well, I found the blend of flavors amazing and here’s my review for the product that I ordered from Masala Monk. To be honest, I was really excited to try this out because I like marmalades and when it comes with whiskey, then all the better! So here’s what I found.

Why Is Marmalade Distinct?

The history of marmalade ingredients dates back to the era of Alexander when he first brought the citrus fruits to his country from India.

However, first things first, marmalades are not fruit jams that we see in jars in possibly every grocery store and even our homes. It is a fruit preservative and has an entirely different method of preparation as compared to jams.

Marmalade is prepared from the peel and juice of citrus fruits which are rich in citric acid. This mixture is then boiled in water with sugar in appropriate amounts. 

For oranges, the best of orange marmalade is prepared using bitter orange for their high content in citric acid.  Though there are other citrus fruits available in the market, they have their own dominance when it comes to marmalade.

And once again, since it is prepared from fruits, it is not to be confused with jam. The major difference between the two is the use of fruit peel in marmalade and jam is focused on non-citrus preservatives.

So the best suggestion I’ve got for you is to try the product yourself and spot the differences. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried a marmalade before: taste this one and see for yourself. 

How To Try Orange And Whiskey Marmalade?

Orange marmalade is a great accompaniment for your toast. Here’s what I am having.

Breakfast of toast, orange and whiskey marmalade, omelette and coffee

Breakfast of toast, orange and whiskey marmalade, omelette and coffee

However, apart from your regular breakfast routine of spreading it on a bread slice, you can try this in numerous other ways too.

For starters, you can even take a spoon full of marmalade and taste it to figure out what would suit better with it. 

Out of the many ways to consume this marmalade, you can try it with:

  1. Oatmeal:  once you are done preparing the meal just add a spoon of this and enjoy the delicacy.
  1. Yoghurt and Muesli: for those who find the sweet content low in it, try out this marmalade and you’ll never forget the taste.
  1. Scones: though scones and jam are a classic combination, try scones with this amazing marmalade the next time, and I bet it will become your next favorite quick snack.
  1. A cheese plate: Yes, a combination of cheese and jam is spectacular, but ever tried it with marmalade? 

This marmalade contains blends of some finest whiskeys which are left to absorb well with oranges. There are other ingredients involved too for that perfect taste and texture. Let’s not forget the shiny bright orange color of the marmalade that is just splendid. 


  • Seville Oranges
  • Whisky (3% for flavor only)
  • Orange Juice (prepared from concentrate)
  • Lemon Juice (prepared from concentrate)
  • Sugar
  • Gelling Agent: Fruit Pectin

Well, that’s what the jar says – I typed what it read.

Nutritional Measurements 

Apart from the fantastic taste that this marmalade offers, there is a good score of its nutritional value too.

Energy – 1176 / 277 kJ / kcal

Fat – 0 g

Carbohydrate – 67.2 g

Protein – 0.3 g

Salt – 0 g

All these values are for 100 grams of orange and whiskey marmalade.

Why Would I Recommend Orange and Whiskey Marmalade?

Being a marmalade lover, one thing that I found just perfect about the product is that the sweetness of the product is just perfect. It is neither too sour nor too sweet. It has the perfect blend of flavors that one would want and also has a perfect consistency which makes it a great quick snack to be enjoyed anytime. 

Sharing my favorite accompaniment for this marmalade: to spread it on my hot and soft waffle and then enjoy the perfection of all the flavors coming together – sweet and sour, tart and bitter.

However, there are numerous options available for you. But that’s not it since there is no stopping for you to experiment it with any food item of your choice, just like I did.

What The Jar Of Orange and Whiskey Marmalade Holds?

I ordered this product from Masala Monks’s website. The package was delivered on time and it was well packed to make sure that the contents were delivered safely. It is a small jar filled with a great combination of orange and whiskey produced marmalade.

The jars are small and cute and would go with your dining table and style. I have kept in one of my shelves and it just fits in.


Don’t think much now, grab a jar of Orange and Whiskey Marmalade and taste it yourself. Enjoy the amazing Orange & Whiskey marmalade on a slice of bread and authenticate the taste that you’ve read so far. You never know, this marmalade may even substitute your all-time favorite fruit jam.


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