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Spiritual Nutrition – You are what you eat!

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This is a very insightful post by Neha Malu on Spiritual Nutrition. On reading it you will be able to touch base with your childhood and the little tidbit of information that your grandmother and mother gave you on food.

Do read it. Happy eating!

“Vadani kawal gheta, naam ghya shrihariche
Sahaj hawan hote, naam gheta phukache
Jeevan Kari Jeevitva, Anna hey poornabramha
Udar Bharan Nohe, Jaanije Yadnya karma”

“Chant the name of the Divine when putting a morsel into your mouth,
Doing so is the simplest way of an offering/sacrifice/oblation to the divine,
Food sustains us and is the manifestation of Brahman (Supreme Spirit) itself,
Partaking food is not mere satiating hunger, but it is in fact a yagna — a type of sacrifice to the Divine.”

As I grew up I used to listen to my neighbour, Mrs. Phansalkar reciting this Marathi shloka (verse) at the beginning of all her meals.

It, in my mind, really puts the relevance and importance of food very simply, succinctly and powerfully. Invocation of your food is indispensable as food is considered poornabramha – God.

The meal always ends with a simple thanksgiving prayer:

“Annadaata Sukhi Bhav!”
“May the Food-giver – God – be happy (live in bliss)”

Cooking is one of my therapeutic hobbies, I follow intermittently. Since my marriage, I find myself cooking rhythmically. I love to futz around with food. I have clutched my grandma’s advice that cooking a perfect dish is just like science of the modern days, one needs to keep experimenting and pouring love by heart in the making, and the food will indeed turn out to be lip-smacking delicious and satiating. I also discovered that how cooking put me in a very present and mindful state by being conscious of the nutrition value, the flavor, texture and the aroma. Serving cooked meal to loved ones and seeing them content is delightfully pleasurable. Cooking has become a Sadhana.

Nutrition is the provision of materials necessary to support life. In this process the organism consumes food and uses it for growth and development. Well, in that case, does it mean that food provides only the dietary nutrients necessary for the physical growth of a person? Or does it also impact the quality of our spiritual nourishment? Where should one draw the line between food and the influence it has on one’s energetic/spiritual vibration? Think about it! In the recourse of cooking these questions struck my mind and I began to contemplate about the relation between food and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

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  1. I love this! Very important to consider. We have the choice 3x a day, or more!

  2. Vishal Kaushik

    good job…keep it up

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