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Children’s Day – 7 Fun ideas to celebrate it!

How do you celebrate 14th November or the Children's Day? Here are 7 fun ideas to celebrate Children's Day and bond with your kids.

7 fun ideas to celebrate Children's Day

14th November is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister’s birthday. It is also celebrated as the Children’s Day.

Being Children’s Day, all mommies would want their kids to enjoy the day. But most of you would be wondering how. Well, I have been thinking along the same lines for a few days now and have managed to come up with a few ideas. You may pick one of them if you like it.

Explore local events – Being Children’s Day, many schools or organizations are celebrating it. Find out a bit more about these events like drawing, cooking, crafts, dancing, or story telling workshops and choose one which suits you and your kids the best.

Arrange a party – If you have a group of mommies and you have a clubhouse in your apartment complex, book it in advance. Call a party planner who can arrange for some games, tattoo artists, magicians etc. Keep kid-friendly food, you know, like chips, nachos, pizzas, cola etc. So it’s like a birthday party where not one but every kid is a birthday boy and girl. You can do the same party in a restaurant but clubhouses always cost cheaper. In case you don’t want to expend on a party planner, you can plan some games.

Plan a pyjama party – Call your child’s friends over for a pyjama party. And mommies, you need to be in pyjamas too to enjoy the spirit. Plan games or a movie and arrange for some food. Let them enjoy. And, if they want to have a sleep over (only if there’s no school the next morning), the fun only doubles up.

Be social, do social – Children’s Day is all about children, whether yours or somebody else’s. This day is a perfect occasion to share the God’s bounty with less fortunate kids. Take your child to a nearby orphanage and distribute sweets or toys. The happy smiling faces of those kids will certainly make your child’s day. And your’s too.

Visit local sights – All cities (whichever one you happen to stay in) have something or the other interesting to offer such as a beach, lake front, river front, museum, aquarium, park, jungle safari, entertainment park etc. For example, in Mumbai, you can do an open bus tour, make sand castles at Juhu beach, take a nature walk in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, etc. Pick one of them and enjoy even if your kid has done them before. Believe me, kids do not mind. And no, malls do not fall under the ‘local sights’ category. Well, take my advice and try to steer clear of them. That’s where you probably take your child to every weekend, don’t you? Don’t take the easiest route out.

Have an awesome threesome – Ha ha, don’t take it the wrong way. Enjoy the day with your kid at home. More than material things, kids appreciate your time and effort. So, stay at home, bake a cake, cook together, enjoy some kiddo movies or do whatever your child loves, and have a blast!

Postpone the day – Let the celebrations spill over. Plan a trip for a couple of nights to a nearby place. Spend some quality time with your family. That’s one of the best Children’s Day you can gift to your child.

If you are working on the day and can’t get out of it, do not worry. You can always celebrate it the next day. It’s the thought that matters, isn’t it?

How do you celebrate 14th November or the Children's Day? Here are 7 fun ideas to celebrate Children's Day to enhance the bond with your kids. #firsttimemommy #childrensday #funideas #celebratewithkids

7 fun ideas to celebrate Children’ Day

How are you planning to celebrate this Children’s Day? Suggestions and ideas are always welcome. 🙂

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