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Simple Steps To Make Your Baby Comfortable In Summers

Mother and baby in hot summers telling us Simple steps to make your baby comfortable in summers

Simple steps to make your baby comfortable in summers

Summers are upon us where we are busy looking for ways to keep ourselves and our baby comfortable. Here is a post from Kriti Dutta, a fellow blogger who writes for Babycouture and who wants to share her tried and tested ways to keep babies comfortable in summers.

Change of season affects your skin and body, well it has the same impact on your babies as well. As a mother, we are always wondering how to take care of our babies’ skin and body and keep them comfortable with every season change. So many problems and confusions, but no answers.

Just like when the winter arrives, we start gathering warm clothes for our kids and skin products that can protect them from cold weather. The same goes with summers. You should also take extra care of food, skin and clothes of your baby to save them from heat and sweaty summers.

Unlike other seasons, summer is a very tricky one and your little one has to adjust with the rising temperature. So, you need to keep an eye on what she eats and drinks during this time.

Not to worry so much mommies, this is why we are here. We have a simple guide on how you can take care of your baby in summers. Scroll down to check these steps that any mother can follow and make their kids feel good.


The most important thing that should be taken care of is baby’s diet:

  1. You must be aware of the fact that sweating leads to loss of body fluids and the baby can dehydrate. Therefore, if your baby totally relies on breast milk, you should feed her often to make sure that she keeps hydrated.
  2. If your little one takes solid food, feed her often with some boiled water.
  3. In summers, cow milk tends to spoil fast, so we would recommend you to keep formula milk packed in re-sealable jars.
  4. With kids comes picnics. In case you are planning one, make sure that you keep fruits and cookies with you, as cooked food may get spoiled easily in summers.


Hygienic water is the second most important thing to be taken care of in summers. Babies’ immunity below 6 months of age is under developed, therefore, they get infected easily.

  1. We all know that hot water kills bacteria therefore, always use filtered or boiled water for your baby.
  2. In case you are using mineral water, do not miss to check whether the seal is intact.
  3. Kids should consume 12 ounces of water during summers to avoid dehydration.
  4. It’s very important to check the symptoms of dehydration, so parents you need to keep a check on the urine output of your baby.

Heat Rash:
Heat rashes is one of the common problems that is faced by kids during summers. Tiny red marks on face, arms, neck, etc. can be very itchy and make kids uncomfortable.

  1. Luke warm water should be used for kids’ bathing.
  2. For that delicate skin of kids, it’s recommended to use mild soap.
  3. Tights clothes can make them sweaty and rashes can occur easily, therefore, try to make them wear loose fitting cotton clothes.
  4. Use diapers only when you are going out with your baby or someone is visiting you, otherwise try to avoid diapers, as they may cause rashes.
  5. Avoid roaming under the sun and try to be with baby in cool surroundings. Direct sun heat is the major reason for rashes.
  6. If you believe in the myth that air condition is harmful for baby, well, you need to check again. A 25 degree temperature is perfectly acceptable for babies.

Protection From Mosquitoes Or Bugs:

The most common problem we all face in summers is Bugs and Mosquito bites.

  1. Protect your baby from mosquitoes by using the correct type of bug spray which is effective and baby skin friendly.
  2. Make sure you use natural ingredient bug spray made from essential oils for your kids.
  3. If you are using water cooler in summers, make sure you clean it regularly. Stale water in the cooler gives birth to insects and mosquitoes.

Right Clothes:
For proper skin care of baby, choosing the correct clothes is equally important. Nowadays, there is a plethora of organic kids clothes online available to protect your baby’s skin. You can explore more fabrics like cotton and which are summer friendly to make your baby feel comfortable. Few more tips for more protection of your baby in the summer:

  1. Too much of wrapping can harm their skin. So, go easy on the layering.
  2. Light color and loose fit clothing is best for kids in summers.
  3. Babies below 6 months of age have delicate skin and a little amount of sunscreen can protect their skin. But before applying any sort of cream or lotion, kindly consult your pediatrician and select the correct one for your little one.

These few easy and simple steps can protect your baby’s skin and body from the harsh heat of the summer. Don’t let the heat spoil your delicate baby’s skin and try above mention tips to make her feel comfortable and happy.

About Kriti: I am Kriti Dutta, an Indian writer by profession and lover of exploring new ways to write and polish my skills. Through my writings I give parents a relief that parenting is not such a difficult task and by following few steps you can become a good parent. I even try to provide latest fashion trends for kids through my blogs. I have been writing for Babycouture from past 5 years i.e (2013). I know every tit-bit of parenting and kids. Through my writings , readers would connect themselves very easily and will find every solution to their parenting problems as well as how they can style their new born to toddler in various ways. If you greet me with an opportunity to write guests posts for you, chances are that I am going to make most out of it. I would love to share all my experiences through my writings for you.

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