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I Want A Baby….!!!

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These 4-word sentence is nothing unusual, we hear it every day from our hormone-driven friends, family, maids or even someone we have met at the cashier’s queue in a shopping mall. Women are born that way. They want a baby as if their life depends on it…as if they  can’t breathe until having one.

Now, stop! These words above were not spoken by me, my neighbour, friend, relative or a casual acquaintance…but by my 4-year old. While I was patting her to sleep, she says to me very matter-of-factly, “Mama, I want a baby!”

I looked at her (surprise and questions in my look), she looked at me (as if what she said was the most natural thing in the world). Well, yes, it is but certainly not for a 4-year old, who is little more than a baby herself.

I quizzed her, “You mean you want me to have a baby?” I chose to clarify.

“No, no…I said (she lengthened her syllables the same way I did when I tried to send an oft-repeated message across to her), I want a baby. My baby!”

I have seen many girls, even as young as 2 years old, having maternal instincts. I guess, girls are born that way – sculpted by the nature to be mothers. No wonder, we see girls playing with dolls, feeding them, changing them and singing lullabies to make them sleep. They do what their mothers do to them, and improvise.

But, coming back to my problem, I asked her again, “But you already have a baby. You have 2 dolls.”

She looked at me, frustrated at my obtuseness.

“I don’t want a doll. I want a baby. In my tummy.”

Oh my! This was getting out of hand.

“She will be my baby. I will put HER in my lap and make her sleep,” she continued.

“Do you want a baby girl?” I asked, now enjoying this fantastic conversation.

“Yes, I want only a baby girl. I don’t like boys. They are naughty.” Oh, what wisdom!

“But, what about cleaning the baby when she pees and poops?” I needed to ask that. A baby is a complete responsibility after all.

Pat came the reply…she didn’t even pause to think once. “I will not clean her. Maybe, you can clean her, mama!” And that’s the end of the dream run.

“Enough, now go to sleep. There’s enough time for you to get a baby when you grow up,” I barked and switched off the light.

If I had wanted to clean the poop (all over again), I would have got a baby of my own. Long time ago. Sigh!!!

I want a baby…??? No, not now…Thank You!!

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