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Sex talks with your preschooler, really?

Recently when I was writing a few articles on ‘creating sex awareness in preschooler’ for one of my clients, it occurred to me that my daughter is a preschooler too. She is at the age where I should provide her sex education. But seriously, sex education at 3? After all, isn’t preaching different from practicing?

sex talks with your preschooler

But then on the other hand, I also know that girls as young as 8 or 9 enter into their puberty. With so much exposure to media today, they know more about sex at 6 or 7 than we ever did at that age. The world’s moving faster, and so are our kids. And we don’t want to be the ones left behind. We need to run with them as well.

Well, according to the advice (on parenting websites), they say that kids at 3 should be taught about their private parts and that how kissing (or sex) is not ‘eww!’ between parents. They even state that parents should introduce sex talks with their children. Isn’t that a tad too much even for the digital age?

I do not know if it’s right or wrong. But I don’t want to be pressurized by the society or the self-professed parenting gurus. How can I talk sex with my daughter who is not even interested in the clothes she wears? However, she does know that exposing her private parts to strangers is forbidden. And that nobody should touch her privates except her mama, teacher at the school or papa (for the moment, and that’s going to end very soon) only while washing. For the rest, I will take it as it comes. If she finds papa kissing her mama is wrong or throws at me questions like ‘From where do babies come?’, I will tell her the truth. Oh yes, believe me, I will not be shy. Awkward yes, may be. After all, my mother never had sex talks with me.

For now, I want to rejoice in her innocence and hold to it for as long as I can.

Have you started imparting sex education to your child?

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