Last month, I had visited Kidzania, Mumbai with my 4-year old. It was our first visit, as 4 is the minimum age requirement for a child. I had heard a lot about Kidzania, especially how huge and exhausting it could be for a small child. Once inside, I found it to be a big crazy world, and so unimaginable. To say I was impressed would be an understatement, I was in awe of the whole place. And as for my daughter, she was in cloud 9. Her enthusiasm dragged her and me to various activities appropriate for her age. She was a window cleaner first, a fireman (a firegirl in her case), next, aiming hose over a building on fire, then a DHL courier girl, a dentist, a supermarket assistant, a dabbawala, a painter, and so many other things.

As she hopped from one profession to the other, it made me think how this pretend thing will soon turn into a reality. She is still small, but growing up quickly, and soon she would be thinking about her future and career options. In our times, there were a few selected career choices – to become a CA, hold an MBA, an engineer, a teacher, doctor and a few others. However, today, the choices have multiplied, and there is a wide scope of career choices. Apart from the regular career options, there are many unconventional ones as well. For example, she might want to become an environmentalist/geologist, or a forensic expert, or a space astronaut. She might want to take up a career that requires foreign education. That involves quite a bit of money. Yes, I know kids’ education doesn’t come cheap nowadays. What with numerous classes and appropriate technology, sponsoring a child’s education has become a big fat Indian wedding-like project for most parents. Well, as I said earlier, very soon we will be sailing in the same boat. It made my eyes open and my heart thumping harder.

My husband I talk about our nest egg when we retire, but it’s time we plan diligently for our daughter’s education as well. I would not want my daughter to drop her aspirations because her parents couldn’t provide sufficient funds for her education. It involves a bit of planning, I realized.

Once driven, I could not stop myself. I went online, to Sir Google (as usual), and did a bit of homework. Firstly, I came across this interesting video – of kids doodling about their future plans and of parents painting what they would like their children to become in future. I saw a bit of myself in every parents’ painting.

We took this test found on one of the sites that finds out education costs for various careers across various countries, both for today and for the future –

It threw at us a figure that took our breaths away. May be, most of you already know about it, but this came to my notice only recently. It made me regret, how much time we had already wasted. We could have had a nice savings for our daughter till now, had we known about it earlier. However, one good thing came out of this whole exercise. My husband and I have pledged to encourage our daughter to explore fields of her choice and support her decision, both emotionally and financially. We have already started investing in her future by investing in Mutual Funds.

This is the Monthly SIP chart that was recently forwarded by my friend. I found it quite helpful. Sharing it, it might come handy to you if you are looking at investing in your child’s future education too. –
On a slightly different note, it’s good to encourage your kids to read about and explore various career options. If you have secured your child’s future, even the sky should not be the limit to your child’s imagination as far as his or her career is concerned.

Download from here a few short stories, painting books and crossword books that will open up your child’s mind and help him explore various professions. –

So, finally, are you convinced? About planning for your child’s future? Yes, start now and do your homework. Do not wait for your child to turn 10, 15 or 18, but start early. The sooner, the better!

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