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Rains and the School

The days I wake up to rains in the morning, the first thing that enters my mind is please don’t rain when Aanya is going to the school. Though Aanya’s school is just 2 mins away from my home and I can even see it from my window, dropping her to school and then picking her up in the rains is a nightmare.

Rain and the School

Rains mean,

  • I need to make her wear the raincoat which she detests wearing (I wonder why?). It’s such a cute little thing in purple and neon green with Tweety on it.

Rain and the School


  • She can’t walk to the school and back; I need to carry her balancing my umbrella and her while simultaneously taking care to not be mud-splashed by passing cars and autos.


Rains and the School

The other alternative is to keep her at home. But that thought gives me nightmares. I look forward to those two and a half hours of Aanya-free time. And I really feel bad when I am cheated out of it.

I know it is as bad as it sounds. Though I love her immensely I also love some time apart from her. Is that so bad?

Till the rains are here, my dilemma’s going nowhere too.

Rains and the School



Apologies for the picture quality, my little daughter was in such a hurry to tear the raincoat that she couldn’t wait for mama to click pictures.

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  1. smita

    schools are a blessing, aren’t they? 🙂

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