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Post-Bath and 2 Other Times I Apply Body Lotion on My Baby’s Skin

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As soon as my daughter was born, we hired a confinement nanny who looked after me and my newborn for 40 days. Her job was to give me a massage and a bath (as if I was a newborn) and help me with breastfeeding.

As far as the baby was concerned, she massaged the baby with oil, bathed her, dressed her up and cleaned her. Those 40 days passed like a dream. However, even once the confinement nanny left, we continued with the baby’s massage by hiring a masseuse. This went on for 6 months till my daughter developed eczema. The doctor asked me to put a stop to her massage with oil. He, instead, recommended to just apply body lotion after her bath or whenever I sponged her.

As per my pediatrician, I needed a baby lotion that would not irritate my baby’s soft skin but would actually moisturise it and deal with the dryness. Recently, I got hold of Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Lotion for my daughter. I have been using Dove soap for years now, and so it was only right that I use its products for my daughter too. It has really proved to be amazing. It provides superior moisturisation, and that too for 24 hours, compared to any other brand that I’ve used before! Also, if you are a fan of mild fragrances like me, you will love Baby Dove’s products too! I wish it had been available when my baby was smaller!

I am sharing the times in the day when I apply body lotion on my baby’s skin:

Post-bath routine: I give a bath to my daughter every morning. Though I was scared at first (I had never given my daughter a bath in the first 6 months), I got the hang of it. I bought a bathing chair that I saw in a baby product shop and found it super convenient. I love giving a bath to my daughter and see her playing with her bath toys.

My experience with the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar has been especially wonderful. I found that it replenishes essential moisture and nutrients lost during cleansing. Plus, other attributes such as being dermatologist and pediatrician tested, hypoallergenic, pH neutral and easy on the eyes are additional benefits of all Baby Dove products.

Post-bath, as I make her lie down on a towel, I generously apply body lotion all over her body. I had to be super quick with this when my baby was younger, as my daughter loved rolling over!

Evening sponge time: Every evening, I took my daughter out in the nearby park or for a stroll in her pram/stroller. But before that, I sponged her with lukewarm water to which I added a few drops of Eau de toilette! I put her on a changing mat, and gently wipe her with a cloth. After wiping off the extra moisture, I again applied body lotion on her skin. She smelled so divine, it was hard not to bite her super soft skin. I continued sponging her in the evening till she turned 2.

Bedtime ritual: In some countries, they give their babies a bath before they sleep. Well, I never gave my baby a bath in the night, but yes,

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  1. Personally, I have only been comfortable using coconut oil and sometimes mustard oil. I also find Rustic Art to be a good lotion.

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