9 Reasons Some Babies Refuse To Eat Food, No Matter How Much You Try


Feeding a baby is not an easy task at all. I am sure that all of us have experienced this as mothers. While there are some days when your baby agrees to feed/eat, there are other times when he/she REFUSES straightaway, no matter how much you try!

As soon as the baby turns 6 months old, most doctors recommend to slowly introduce solids. It is an exciting time for parents, mothers especially, as it means her breasts can finally get some rest! And also, babies get the opportunity to widen their palate, which till now has been exposed to only breast milk.

But, it’s not as simple as it sounds. As a mother who has experienced this phase, I have concluded that feeding baby food is not an easy task all! Come summer and many babies face feeding and appetite issues even more. So, why is that babies refuse to eat food on certain days? Is there some reason other than just moodiness?

In the course of my parenting journey so far, I have found some reasons why some babies refuse to eat food, even when you try really hard. If we manage to deal with these reasons, our babies might just regain their appetite!

1. When She is Not Feeling Comfortable

If your baby is not feeling comfortable, is colicky, is wearing tight clothes, is feeling too hot/humid, or has a full diaper, she may not want to be fed. If she has been vaccinated recently, that might spoil her appetite too.

2. When She is Full

Believe it or not, kids cannot overeat, unlike adults. So, if your child is full (was she recently breastfed?), she may not want to eat. Don’t force her. Either she will not take the food inside or vomit. It is best that we try to keep an adequate gap between two mealtimes.

3. When She is Constipated

If you notice that your baby has not been eating or taking breast milk, try to remember when she had last passed stool. She might be constipated and uncomfortable. Pooping problems affect many babies, and at these times, it is no wonder they don’t feel like eating.

4. When She is Teething

Has your little one crossed the 6 months mark? Some babies begin teething quite early. During teething, your baby might not be feeling well or comfortable, and may also experience some pain. This could be why they are refusing food.

5. When She is Fed a New Food

Have you recently introduced your baby to a new food? A baby may not like a new food and reject it! This may also lead to her refusing to eat anything in general.

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Why I visit my parents’ home, my pihar?


Photo Credit – @GiselaFotografie at https://pixabay.com/en/users/GiselaFotografie-2364908/

I completed 10 years of marriage earlier this year. And, till date, I feel strange that how quickly the 10th year anniversary crept up on us, because it seems only like yesterday that we had gotten married. However, on hindsight, it may seem like yesterday, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. I have lived the ups and downs (and remember them too), and can see the changes in myself (both physical and psychological) and in my relationship in these 10 years.

Ten years ago, I called my parents’ home – my home. Today, it is my parents’ home – my pihar. I don’t love it as I love my home; but I have a strong connection with it. That’s where I have grown up, and have lots of memories attached to it. I love my home and it is my sanctum. When I leave it to go to my pihar, it is with certain misgivings. You see, I do not have a cunning mother in law or scheming sister in law staying with me, so when I go to pihar, I am not running away from anyone. When I go, I leave my home behind.

I remember as a small child seeing my mother’s excitement to visit her parents’ house, my nani’s (maternal grandmother) house. On the train journey from Ahmedabad to Surat, she would be as eager as us, for totally different reasons though. We were eager because of the eventful train ride (the spicy chanawala (split chick pea vendor), munfliwala (peanut vendor), milk from Baroda Dairy, masala jaamfal (spiced guava)), while she was to meet her family. And, all through the summer holidays that we spent at my nani’s house, I distinctly remember my mother more as her parents’ daughter than our mother. That was what visiting her pihar did to my mother. Put a spring to her feet, a charming lilt in her voice, and made her a child again.

It happens to every woman. No wonder, visiting pihar is such a sacred event in the life of married girls. No wonder, come the summer holidays and women are talking about going to their parents’ house. It’s the annual pilgrimage that every married woman likes and wants to make, so that she can go back in time and be that little girl for a while. Where she is the taker, and not a giver for a change.

Enough about what the girls feel about visiting their pihar. How about thinking from the parents’ point of view? My mother insists I visit her every summer vacation.

My father still goes for his morning walk and goes to the office at the same time every day of my visit. He doesn’t talk much to me either. But, I know he appreciates my coming over, because during those days, he would bring home all those fruits and foods that I love, and ask my mother whether I have been having them or not. This is his way of showing love.

My mother on the other hand changes her routine drastically. She takes a break from her friends, cancels her kitty parties and concentrates only on me and my daughter. What will I eat, where would I like to go take precedence for her. She is getting older, her movements slower, but when I or my sister are around, she has a renewed energy. Her life revolves around us for the entire duration of our stay. She has a lovely daughter in law and a cute little grandson, but when her daughters visit her, she loves the fact that her entire family is once again living under the same roof. She too, like me, tries to capture a handful of the beautiful past.

So, even when there are times when I don’t want to visit that inferno of a place called Ahmedabad in the summer, I still go, for my parents. Because, they might have given their daughters away in marriage, but we still form an integral part of their life.

Kid, why are you in a hurry to grow up so fast?


In the morning…
Me – I have packed poha (a snack option made of flattened rice) for the short recess and parantha (Indian bread) and curd (Indian yogurt) for the lunch break. And, have added sugar in the curd.

She – Why sugar?

Me – It will give you energy. (She is unwell and has not been eating well these past few days)

She (exasperated) – Sugar is not healthy, don’t you know?

Me – I know. But as I said, you need some energy too, and sugar can give you that.

She shrugging her shoulders – Whatever!!

I gasped. Did she really say that!! I couldn’t believe my ears.

I thought I still had many more years to go before I heard that coming from her mouth. She is 5.5 years old.

Kids grow up quickly. In fact, too quickly for our comfort. What do you think?

Do you have a similar experience to share, mommies? It will definitely make me feel better, knowing that I am not the sole mommy facing this.

I Made 5 Changes In My Baby’s Night Routine – She Sleeps Much Better Now!


“My baby doesn’t sleep well!” As parents, many of us share this concern. I did too. But, guess what – I followed these 5 tips in my baby’s night routine, and she sleeps MUCH better now!

Most parents complain about how their babies do not sleep through the night or keep the household awake. Some babies are poor sleepers even when they turn into toddlers or pre-schoolers. I had my share of sleep problems with my daughter too. Then I made some small changes in my baby sleep-routine… and I never had to spend another sleepless night because of my daughter’s sleep problems!

5 Simple Ways To Tackle Sleep Concerns In Babies

1. I Made Sure She Was Well-Fed Before Bedtime

I took my daughter to the paediatrician when she turned 6-7 months old and had started solids. That’s when the doctor advised me to stop breastfeeding at night so that my baby could sleep through the night. Of course, like any new mom who couldn’t say no to a crying hungry baby, I overruled the wise doctor’s advice and kept on night feeding my daughter.

Result? I was at the end of my tether by the time she turned 11 months old. She would ask for my milk, almost every hour. She was never full.

I again took her to the doctor, who although wisely refrained from saying ‘I told you so’, advised me to feed my baby well before she slept, so that she didn’t wake up hungry in the night. Well, I followed the advice diligently this time, and really, as my daughter’s tummy was full, she stopped asking for the nightly feed. She slept better… which meant better sleep for me too!

2. I Stopped Feeding Liquids Just Before Bedtime

My daughter loved milk (still does!). I used to feed her dairy products three times: morning, evening and once just before she went off to sleep. However, the night milk made her want to pee, and she woke up. It was OK till she wore diapers, but as soon as I diaper-weaned her, I realized that I had to stop her bedtime milk so that she didn’t wet the bed. Not only did it work, it also made her get undisturbed sleep!

I soon realised that – it’s a good idea to stop giving your babies/kids any type of liquids post dinner, not just milk. It will help them get uninterrupted sleep in the night.

3. Afternoon Naps Are NOT For Every Child

Children till 3-4 years of age sleep in the afternoon. But, not all kids. My daughter stopped taking an afternoon nap even before she turned 3. Initially, it bothered me that she didn’t nap in the afternoon like other kids. So, I would try and coax her to sleep. But, I also noticed that on days she slept in the afternoon, she slept very late in the night. And, then a big drama ensued the following morning when it was time to wake up early for the school and she couldn’t.

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My Pediatrician Told Me To Never Ignore These 9 Warning Signs of a Health Problem In Babies


baby health

As a first time mommy, I was always watching my baby for any signs of discomfort or distress. We mothers watch our babies like a hawk. However, being an inexperienced mother, there were chances that I might miss a few warning signs even if I saw them. It’s easy to overlook warning signs of a health problem in babies. That’s why I discussed this with my pediatrician.

My pediatrician understood my problem and gave me some very helpful tips. He told me to never ignore some warning signs that can indicate a health problem in my baby.

I am sharing this with you. Take a look at them, and if you see them in your baby, it should set the alarms ringing in your head…fiercely!

1. Does the newborn get shocked when you thump the bed?

My daughter was not even born – it had been just 12 hours – when the pediatrician visited us in the hospital. My daughter was sleeping on the bed with me. Suddenly, the doctor thumped up the bed, without warning. My newborn was shocked, her hands and feet went up in the air and her eyes opened up.

The doctor said, “I did that to confirm that there was nothing wrong with your baby’s hearing. If a newborn doesn’t startle in response to a loud noise, she may have hearing problems.”

2. Does the baby refuse to take two feeds in a row?

My daughter was only 20 days old, when one day she decided to continue sleeping without taking her feed. She missed her feed.

I called up the doctor and he said one feed was not an issue, unless my baby refused to take another feed. He also checked with me if my daughter hadn’t urinated for 5-6 hours.

Not taking two feeds in a row accompanied with not urinating for 6 hours can be warning signs of dehydration.

3. Is the baby running a high fever?

Being a new, overprotective mother, I was always checking my baby to see if she was running a fever. The doctor told me there was nothing to worry if the fever was mild. Once the baby was 3 months old, cold compresses should do the trick.

However, consistent high fever (more than 100 degrees) is a cause for concern, especially in babies younger than a year.

4. Does your baby get convulsions?

Thankfully, I never had to see this one. But, if your baby convulses for more than 5 minutes where her body becomes stiff, her eyes roll back or she has difficulty breathing, you should definitely not ignore it. Take her to the doctor once the convulsion stops. Convulsions can happen due to many reasons such as high fever, head trauma, lack of oxygen, or an underlying medical problem. Only the doctor can diagnose and treat this in time.

5. Is your baby passing loose stools and vomiting?

Many babies face tummy problems in childhood and we don’t usually see this as a serious problem. However, severe diarrhoea and vomiting can lead to dehydration.

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When my mother rubbed mustard oil on me post bath and I hated it…!!


When I was a little girl, I remember my mom rubbing mustard oil on my body post bath in the winter months. Come winter, and she would keep a bottle of mustard oil in all the bathrooms. Post bath, everyone applied mustard oil to keep the skin hydrated. I know virgin mustard oil is better than chemically loaded winter creams and lotions, but somehow that smell. That smell that lingered in the bathrooms. That smell that stayed on my body and attached itself to my clothes all day long. I just hated that smell. Even thinking and writing about it made me conjure up that strong bitter smell. I would ask my mother to change the oil. But she would say – “Nothing doing. My mother has used the same oil since I was a kid. See, how my skin glows even in the winters.”

It was hopeless arguing with her. So, without a word, I kept on using mustard oil winter after winter. However, I vowed never to bring that bitter smelling, dark golden liquid into my house when I got married. My nani used it, my mother used it, but I would never use it. This tradition had to stop with me.

When I got married and moved to Mumbai, I stayed true to my promise. We never got mustard oil in our house. Mumbai’s mild winters helped too. But, then what to use? We didn’t want mustard oil and a particular brand of coconut oil, which is famous for hair, I just could not come around to use it on my skin (it has a very strong coconut-y smell too). So, with no option left, we switched to numerous body lotions and creams. But, somewhere it always pinched me that I was not using oils, something that I had grown up using. I was against chemicals, but was still using them. So, when a certain Yoga guru came up with his range of products, without a thought, I switched to them, in particular coconut oil. I used it for my daughter too, along with other baby lotion. However, deep down I knew it was not a baby product. I know coconut oil is a coconut oil, but still I wanted something that I could apply it on my daughter’s skin without a moment’s worry.

And, so when I came across Baby First’s range of baby products that included baby oil that had the base of coconut milk, I knew I had found what I had been looking for. I got Baby First’s baby oil, and started using it on myself. It’s my policy to first use any baby product on myself as a test. I used it for a good 10-day period. The skin on my hands and legs are a bit dry compared to my face. But, I never felt itchy or developed a white dry patch on my skin since I have been using it. It’s ideal for mild winters that we experience it in Mumbai.


What works for me:

  • It is a non-sticky oil, with a mild and pleasant smell of coconut. There is something pure about the smell. I love it.
  • This oil does not contain any mineral oil or paraffin.
  • It neither contains preservatives nor added colours.
  • It contains lauric acid that is found in mother’s breast milk and vitamin E.
  • It’s affordable at Rs. 99 per 100 ml.

When I was fully satisfied, then only I started using it on my 5-year old daughter. She has eczema, so I have to be particular about what product I use on her skin. Once she takes her bath, I rub some oil into her skin. Every weekend, I massage her too with this oil. Her skin looks hydrated and I have never seen dry skin or her scratching. Her eczema has not flared up even since I have started using it. So, I think this product is for keeps, and I will continue using it on my daughter.

So, if you are using mustard, sesame, coconut or olive oil to massage your baby, move over and try this product. It’s good – non sticky and non overpowering. You and your baby will love it!

Baby First has a range of products including baby bar soap, body lotion, body cream and baby powder. Try them out!

Post-Bath and 2 Other Times I Apply Body Lotion on My Baby’s Skin


As soon as my daughter was born, we hired a confinement nanny who looked after me and my newborn for 40 days. Her job was to give me a massage and a bath (as if I was a newborn) and help me with breastfeeding.

As far as the baby was concerned, she massaged the baby with oil, bathed her, dressed her up and cleaned her. Those 40 days passed like a dream. However, even once the confinement nanny left, we continued with the baby’s massage by hiring a masseuse. This went on for 6 months till my daughter developed eczema. The doctor asked me to put a stop to her massage with oil. He, instead, recommended to just apply body lotion after her bath or whenever I sponged her.

As per my pediatrician, I needed a baby lotion that would not irritate my baby’s soft skin but would actually moisturise it and deal with the dryness. Recently, I got hold of Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Lotion for my daughter. I have been using Dove soap for years now, and so it was only right that I use its products for my daughter too. It has really proved to be amazing. It provides superior moisturisation, and that too for 24 hours, compared to any other brand that I’ve used before! Also, if you are a fan of mild fragrances like me, you will love Baby Dove’s products too! I wish it had been available when my baby was smaller!

I am sharing the times in the day when I apply body lotion on my baby’s skin:

Post-bath routine: I give a bath to my daughter every morning. Though I was scared at first (I had never given my daughter a bath in the first 6 months), I got the hang of it. I bought a bathing chair that I saw in a baby product shop and found it super convenient. I love giving a bath to my daughter and see her playing with her bath toys.

My experience with the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar has been especially wonderful. I found that it replenishes essential moisture and nutrients lost during cleansing. Plus, other attributes such as being dermatologist and pediatrician tested, hypoallergenic, pH neutral and easy on the eyes are additional benefits of all Baby Dove products.

Post-bath, as I make her lie down on a towel, I generously apply body lotion all over her body. I had to be super quick with this when my baby was younger, as my daughter loved rolling over!

Evening sponge time: Every evening, I took my daughter out in the nearby park or for a stroll in her pram/stroller. But before that, I sponged her with lukewarm water to which I added a few drops of Eau de toilette! I put her on a changing mat, and gently wipe her with a cloth. After wiping off the extra moisture, I again applied body lotion on her skin. She smelled so divine, it was hard not to bite her super soft skin. I continued sponging her in the evening till she turned 2.

Bedtime ritual: In some countries, they give their babies a bath before they sleep. Well, I never gave my baby a bath in the night, but yes,

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