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October Goals – How I am challenging myself to be more productive?

October Goals – How I am challenging myself to be more productive?

September was an exhilarating month with #MyFriendAlexa where I wrote more than 10 posts in one month combined with daily visiting at least 10 blogs and reading their posts. It helped me immensely, or rather helped my blog’s Alexa rank to take a swift tumble. As of today, my Alexa ranks stands at 25,585 in India and 671,720 globally. Believe me, it’s a huge slash. I want to keep the momentum of September up this month as well. And for the same, I am challenging myself to be more productive in October. How? Read my October Goals.

October Goals – How I am challenging myself to be more productive? Do read my productivity tips. #firsttimemommy #productivitytips #octobergoals #bookreviews #guestbloghops

October goals – How I am challenging myself to be more productive?

Writing posts for Firsttimemommy: While I might not be able ace my blogging goals and write 10 posts this month (what with Diwali ki safai (annual cleaning), festive shopping (minimal though), preparing for Karwa Chauth, and also because I am travelling for 15 days during Diwali holidays), I will still be contributing at least 6-8 posts this month. I will also be writing and scheduling posts for the first 15 days of November when I would be travelling. So you see, I need to ask my mind and my fingers to work over time. ?

Launching #TellTaleThursday: Priya and I are launching #TellTaleThursday – a prompt based fiction writing challenge every Thursday on my Fiction blog. Every Thursday, we will present a new interesting prompt – could be an image, dialogue, quote, scene and you have to let that creative juice flow and write down your take on the prompt. Do check out and join us.

Hosting a guest blog hop party: Didn’t I say I will be pushing myself harder this month? And still have all the fun. I have been writing on my blog for last 5 years on pregnancy and parenting, but of late, I have realised that as a mother I have huge responsibility on my shoulders. The responsibility to keep myself fit, urge my family to stay healthy and do my utmost to keep our small loving unit mentally and physically fit. Hence, I have now started contributing regularly towards Health, Fitness and Wellness.

One of the endeavours towards this initiative is a Food and Fitness Guest Blog Hop Party that I am co-hosting with Aesha, Deepa and Mayuri. If you are interested in food and fitness and want to join our Get Fit, Stay Fit with Bon Happetee blog hop party (there are giveaways too), feel free to contact any of us. Details will follow soon.

Doing book reviews: Well, reading books has always been my passion. But now I am moving towards writing about books that I have read or which have touched my heart. In simple terms, it is called book reviews. BlogChatter’s AtoZ helped me do quite a few book reviews, and now I want to keep that thread alive. This month, I will be doing a book review on a World War based book for Shalini’s blog. If you are interested in doing a guest blog post for her blog, you can write to Shalini Baisiwala. She has given some really interesting topics on Books and Travel.

I have also downloaded on my Kindle two more books –

Hopefully, I will be able to read them during Diwali holidays and do a review.

BTW, I have published my own fiction novella too. If you are interested, you can download or order your own paperback from Amazon. I will always keep you in my prayers if you do a review of my book Tara on Amazon and/or Good Reads.

Participating in a Book Club: I have recently joined a library close to my home which helps me indulge my love for books and reading. The owner of Just Books Andheri library Saraswati is a well learned lady and I love talking to her. She has grand plans for her library and I find her jolly, disciplined and methodical. She has started a Book Club which meets on the first weekend of the month and discusses an author, book or series.

This month I will be presenting my favourite author – Agatha Christie. I will be revisiting some of her books to give a well balanced and authoritative presentation.

Bringing home more plants: My kitchen garden has taken a slight blow these last few months due to lack of time and negligence on my part. I plan to remedy that this month. I am bringing home a few plants and promise to look after them.

So you see, I have a lot going on for me this month as far as work goals are concerned. Now, how do I propose to keep myself on top of my game. How to be more productive? By:

  • Believing in myself: Half the battle is won if you believe in yourself that you can do it. Click To Tweet It’s not just a tagline, but a life saviour. Yes, I can do it.
  • Planning well: planning is the key to any project. Prepare a list of tasks for every day, try to keep it as detailed (with time slots) as possible.
  • Exercising discipline: Another big word – discipline. If I stick to my plan and schedule, there is nothing in the world that can stop me from achieving my October goals.
  • Cutting down on social media: Well, somethings need to take a back seat, and this month it has to be social media. I will be seen less on social media and definitely less scrolling down. I will still be visiting my favourite blogs and commenting on them, but social media will have to miss me this month in order to help me achieve my work goals.
  • Entailing help: I have a lot on my plate this month, and I have requested my daughter and my husband to help me. Help me by pulling their own weight around the house. Let’s see. Fingers crossed! LOL!

So this is the summary of my October Goals – How I am challenging myself to be more productive? How about you? What are your October goals and how are you planning to be more productive this month?

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  1. It just sounds WOW! But,also scary to me. If I were in your place, I could not have even thought of doing so much. Great and congrats that you are able to manage it so well.

    • mammaspeaks

      Shivangi, it was scary to me as well, but then I thought I can’t be complacent and need to push myself. So here I am…and I am so pleased to say that I am already on top of the things!! Thank you dear for the positive vibes!

  2. Anshu, you sound so organized and focused. Kudos to your endeavors and I wish you success in all of them. What I’m most interested is the Book Club. It sounds very interesting. This month, I’m focused on Durga Puja. So writing will be slow and mostly around the same.

    • mammaspeaks

      Sonia, it’s a conscious effort to be organised and focused, otherwise I was not liek this earlier. Thank you so much, this book club thing is the highlight of the month for me as well. Happy festivities to you dear!!

  3. Wow, you have quite a lot on your plate this October. But you are right, believing in yourself, and taking planned action steps is definitely the way to success. Wishing you the very best with your goals for this upcoming month.

    P.S. Will check out your book on KU.

    • mammaspeaks

      Hi Shanaya, don’t know how I skipped your comment. Yes, I now realise I have taken quite a lot on my plate, but you know what as I am ticking things off my list, I am getting a sense of control and achievement. I am doing it and will be able to finish them all. Thanks a lot dear! Do let me know what you think about Tara, my book.

  4. This is called planning with perfection. All the best girl, let us know how it goes and what difficulty (if any) you faced to achieve these.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Shilpa, and that’s a wonderful blog post idea, you have given me. I will certainly do a post in November summarizing my efforts of October.

  5. I always love others’ planning and goal-setting posts! Always inspiring, to see what others are striving to achieve. Sending you all the best to achieve yours! I think I’ll go write up my own list now 🙂

  6. All the best Anshu. You have taken up so much.

  7. Very inspiring goals that you’ve set for yourself Anshu. ? I believe the intention is the first and most important step forward. After that comes the discipline and hard work to see it through. Finally it is the sense of self worth that grows as a result of meeting your goals. I love everything you’ve said and wish you all the best through October and November.

    I look forward to the Christie reviews. She’s one of my favourite authors. 🙂

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Shailaja. I don’t know if you will believe it, but you are my inspiration. Whenever I feel lost or doubt myself, I think about you and think I can definitely do it. I am trying to instill some sort of discipline in my work life – I realised I was wasting too much time on social media scrolling down.

  8. Wow!! thats a killer list and I am confident you are going to ace it. Thanks for the shout out for my guesthop – I am intrugued by your telltale hop and may join in soon on that.

    All the best with your goals and do post pics of your kitchen garden. I am also planning to do it up next week as its been neglected a bit!

    Look forward to your book reviews too!!

    • mammaspeaks

      Hey Shalini, I loved your guest blog post so much and found the topics so interesting, that I had to put it out there. Have already written and sent my review, yes, I was that excited to do it. 🙂 Will surely post my garden pics but I have done some mehanat on it, at this time, it’s in such a sorry state.

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