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Normal Delivery or C-Section – Both are Alright!

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The question that hounded me throughout my pregnancy was if I would be able to have a normal delivery or would I have to go under the knife. I am telling you it gave me quite a few sleepless nights and I am sure it must be the case with thousand other expecting mothers.

Since childhood, it’s been instilled in you that the natural birth is the best while you should consider surgical birth only in critical circumstances. But the times have changed now, the combination of softhearted pampered women lacking pain-bearing capacity and dearth of good experienced doctors and midwives who would guide you through the whole process of a normal delivery has led to a whopping increase in cesarean deliveries in India.

I would talk to my female friends who have kids to know their experience of child birth. I would be extremely fascinated and awed by their horror stories. But there’s no knowing the actual thing till you experience it yourself.

Yes, labor is very (extremely) painful, I won’t deny that. Having undergone 17 hours of labor, I can tell you it was no small feat. The type of pain is inexplicable, it feels as if your body has been possessed and you can do nothing except writhe and cry in pain. The pain comes in waves, one minute it’s there where you feel like shouting your guts out and the next minute it’s gone and you feel as if you can run a marathon. Negative sentiments like shouting and hitting at people are quite acceptable (lol!), I literally felt like hitting my husband when in the throes of my pain all he was concerned about was whether he should order a Chicken Sub or a Triple Veg. Sandwich from Freezeland (Ahmedabad). Furthermore, my doctor belonging to the old school didn’t give me an epidural as it might have put a strain on the baby.

But enough of my ramblings, my girl-friends, I should now relieve you of your misery. Once the baby pops out, it’s like a great relief, just like you feel on passing stool in the morning. The pain vanishes as it was never there in the first place and you feel light and yourself once again. It’s a tremendous experience but not something I would like to have again.

On the other hand, I saw my sister-in-law going through the painless cesarean section (though her stitches did hurt a bit later). She delivered a proverbial healthy pink baby (note that the babies born this way appear better than the babies taking the batter passing through the birth canal). A lot of my friends have elected for cesarean births saying that it’s less tough on the female body (frankly guys, the stitches down under, esp. if you have an episiotomy, hurt a lot for days, sometimes months together and your dear vayjayjay is never the same again, sigh!)

Here, I am neither  trying to deter you from natural childbirth nor I am favouring cesarean births. What I know is I don’t have any cut on my body and frankly girls, if I can take the labour pains and undergo a normal delivery (my husband always teased me on how I would howl in pain even for a mosquito bite) then any woman in the world can. Remember, before you millions of women have undergone this pain and survived to tell the tale. There is no pain in the world that a woman can’t bear, we are made like that.

However, if you are in the slightest doubt, opt for C-section. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed of your choice. What we need is a healthy baby and happy mommy!!

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