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My Womb Is Searching For My Baby

My womb is searching for my baby. Post childbirth, a mother's womb misses her baby. There's a little story attached to it. Do read. #firsttimemommy #newmother #postchildbirthrecovery #postpartumrecovery

My womb is searching for my baby

My womb is searching for my baby. Did it make your eyes go wide and your mind searching for some paranormal nuance in the text? Well, let me assure you it’s got nothing of that kind. As usual, there’s a little story attached to it.

As I started breastfeeding my newly born daughter, I experienced acute pains in the uterus. Though I felt them a lot over the next few days, it was especially unbearable while I was breastfeeding. Oh, they were bad pains. I had to stop feeding a minute or two till the pains subsided. It was as if I was having contractions all over again. Just imagine my horror. And I had thought no pain could touch me after that gruelling labour. Huh, that’s me, a delusional mind.

But I went over the Internet and read all about it. Those pains were my uterus contracting. It happens over the next few days of child birth. It triggers faster into action as you breastfeed your child. And though the uterus starts shrinking at an alarming rate, it never comes to its original prepregnancy size.

Even after reading all this, I still happened to discuss this problem with my confinement nanny. Well, it had sort of become a habit with me. Also, it had something to do with the fact that the lady was like a walking encyclopedia (having an experience of 30+ years) who knew anything and everything that was to be known for newborn care and post delivery care.

Without a moment’s thought, she said, “Your womb had protected, nurtured and grown the baby for nine months. Now it is empty and it misses the baby. So those pains are nothing but your womb searching for the baby.”

Though I knew that was not the case, I somehow liked her explanation better. It gave me a beautiful warm feeling. Before me, my womb was my baby’s mother. A mother is a mother from every inch of her body.

So tell me, did your womb search for your baby post delivery?

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