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My Simple and Awesome Fitness Journey

People frequently ask me how to lose. Read about my lifestyle changes and fitness journey tips in my simple and awesome fitness journey story. #firsttimemommytips #howtolose #simplefitnessjourney #myfitnessjourney #fitnessjourneytips

My simple and awesome fitness journey

This post is a part of a Get Fit Stay Fit with Bonhappetee blog chain. I thank Anami for introducing me and pushing me to share my simple and awesome fitness journey. Anami has written an entire book on easy workouts that can be done at home.

Fitness  means different to different people. For some, fitness might mean losing weight, able to perform daily tasks and being able to run after the kids, for some it can be running on the treadmill or lifting weights, while for some, it might mean running a full Marathon. For some, a fit body means taking up the Iron Man Challenge, while for others it might mean climbing the Everest. Though fitness has different meaning for everyone, the underlying meaning remains the same – optimal health and overall well-being. Let’s find out what fitness means to me, and learn about my simple and awesome fitness journey.

What is fitness?

My daughter had barely turned two years old when I realized that I had put on weight and I didn’t have the energy to run after her. That was a wake-up call for me. My doctor suggested simple walking was not enough, I wanted something more strenuous and disciplined. And that’s when I joined the gym.

Initially, I lost weight. I felt on top of the world. But that was also the time when I learnt the truth – Fitness isn’t just about losing weight, it means a good metabolism rate, disease-free body, excellent sleep and strong mental health.

Now, let’s learn about my simple and awesome fitness journey:

People frequently ask me how to lose. Read about my lifestyle changes and fitness journey tips in my simple and awesome fitness journey story. #firsttimemommytips #howtolose #simplefitnessjourney #myfitnessjourney #fitnessjourneytips

My Simple and Awesome Fitness Journey

Lifestyle changes that I made

People ask me how to lose weight. I tell people there is no magic wand or potion to lose weight. A fit body requires commitment, discipline and hard work. #fitnessjourney #howtolose #firsttimemommytips Click To Tweet

Quit processed foods

We don’t get ready-made or packaged foods. I make things at home – from jam, hummus, peanut butter, biscuits/cookies, snacks to now baking bread.

My daughter’s friend complains – Anshuaunty always puts healthy homemade stuff in her daughter’s dabba. Well, I take it as a compliment.

Clean eating

People think restaurant or outside food is awesome. Well, it’s not. Homemade is the best type of food. You can assure of the quality of products at home and control the salt, sugar and oil you add to the food items. Try clean eating and your body will love you for that.

A simple and awesome fitness journey starts at home. #firsttimemommytips #fitnessjourney #howtolose Click To Tweet

Portion control

You love pizza, you end up eating 8 slices, then you open the box of ladoos and you gobble 3-4, where will this greed end?

The problem with the world is not more oil or sugar, but eating in excess. Moderation is the key. #firsttimemommytips #howtolose #fitnessjourney Click To Tweet

My simple rule is to eat like a toddler. Yes, you should see my rice portion – I eat as much as my daughter with more dal and dahi. If you feel like eating 4 pizza slices, be content with eating 2. It’s not your last day on the Earth, just remember that! ?

Light dinner

My dinner is the lightest meal of the day. We make rajma, chhola, pav bhaji and all foods with cream and fat in the lunch. A light dinner promotes good digestion and ultimately good sleep. #firsttimemommytips #howtolose #fitnessjourney Click To Tweet Initially, I brushed my teeth as soon as I finished my dinner, it controlled my hunger pangs, if any. This practice I follow till date.

Mindful snacking

I eat light meals, so I feel hungry around noon and then again around 5-6 pm. These are important meals for me if I want to ensure light lunch and dinner. For mid-morning snacks, I prefer black coffee with boiled egg and nuts and seeds. For my evening snacks, I first have a fruit followed by bhel puri, sev puri and pani puri (half plate), ghar ka ladoo, popcorn, etc.

Eat what you love

More often than not, in a weight loss journey, we end up eating, soups, salads, oats – I just cannot stand these on a daily basis. I joined the diet recommendation app called Bon Happetee that says I don’t have to eat it if I don’t like it – it lets you eat everything as per your preference and taste buds. So, you see I eat everything, but in moderation.

My workout routine that has helped me

Here’s a sneak-peak into my workout routine. I will write a detailed post later.

Strength training

In the gym, I do strength training for 3-4 days where I target all my muscle groups. Strong muscles protect your joints, keep up your metabolism and help you in looking good.


I brisk walk for 10 mins after my strength training. Many a times, I go for evening walks, however, I ensure I walk at a certain speed for my heart health.

Body weight exercise

I do quite a few body weight exercises too like squats, lunges, push ups, tricep dips, planks, sit ups, leg raises, etc.


If you are into strength training, your muscles grow and get stiff. Hence, stretches are very important. I practice Yoga for 2 days in a week; it helps keep my muscles flexible.

People frequently ask me how to lose. Read about my lifestyle changes and fitness journey tips in my simple and awesome fitness journey story. #firsttimemommytips #howtolose #simplefitnessjourney #myfitnessjourney #fitnessjourneytips

My Simple and Awesome Fitness Journey

My simple and awesome fitness journey – before and after

Well, in 2006 I was 56 kgs. Today, at the end of year 2018, I am at 60 kgs (4 kgs above my pre-wedding weight) and I still fit into all my clothes even ones that are 12-15 years old. It doesn’t mean, I am happy with it, however, I don’t stress over weight. I believe in healthy eating and exercising, body will respond on its own.

What I have achieved so far?

Apart from losing weight, I have become fit –

  • I sleep as soon as I hit the pillow and sleep like a baby.
  • I don’t fall sick except catching a cold in once in one or two years.
  • I take my daughter to classes and run various errands in and for the family.

Here are a few fitness journey tips that I would like to give:

My uncle who is close to 60 with a kidney transplant and an enlarged heart, practises Shirshasana and cycles every day. Yes, that is the type of fitness I am talking about. I am stressing again and again, losing weight is not the ultimate fitness, having a disease-free body and being able to have a sound sleep in the night is.

Hope my simple and awesome fitness journey inspired you. Do give me a shout out if it did. And do share your fitness journey too. I am always on the lookout for inspiring stories especially related to health and fitness.

I would now like to introduce Anupriya of Mommytincture who calls herself a rebel, runs after two kids and writes insightful posts. Here is another post from her that all mothers would relate to – nutrition for picky eaters. Do check it out.

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  1. Great tips ! Good that you were able to follow a strict regime.

  2. Awesome post. I completely agree when you say fitness is not losing weight alone but having immunity and being able to sleep well.

  3. Needless to say you are my inspiration for so many reasons. I lack the motivation to get on the fitness regime at the earliest. Thanks Anshu for sharing your journey.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you so much Sonia for your kind words. When we work on the body, our body returns us more. When we lose weight, the joint pains miraculously disappear, when we eat right, we feel light in the stomach, so on and so forth. I am sure you will get the motivation Sonia, maybe after Pujo! <3

  4. I love how simple & doable your fitness tips are, Anshu.

    Specially ditching processed foods is the best step I took & it’s had a great impact on me. This is just inspiring.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Ashvini. I set simple goals, because otherwise it’s easy to flounder. I agree with you processed foods is the first and basic step towards healthy and clean living. 🙂

  5. A great and inspiring post! You changed the way fitness is viewed upon.

  6. Awesome Anshu. I was waiting to know more about your fitness journey. Your work out routine and your self control is amazing. Also that you never feel lazy to cook so much is something I will always take inspiration from. Keep it up

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Aesha. I don’t particularly like cooking – but of late, I have started enjoying because the homemade food gives so much more satisfaction and happiness.

  7. Inspiring post Anshu.. Very useful pointers!!

  8. Your recently work was really good, and this is also amazing. I like it and I’ll share it with my friends soon. They are also our art group members so they will also love these things….

  9. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow beautiful post Anshu, with great information. I agree, fitness is not just about the losing weight or looking physically good. it should be a combination of physical, mental and emotional well being. I agree with all your points and co-incidently it matches with my post ( will publish today)

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Surbhi. So true, fitness is overall – hence a fit person is healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Can’t wait to read your take on fitness, Surbhi! Hopping over !!

  10. The most sensible post I have EVER read , on fitness and health, Anshu.

    It is commendable as you walk the talk, your blog is a treasure trove of recipes that are healthy, tasty and easy to whip up.

    Your tips are what could be turned into a lifestyle.

    There is no shortcut to weight loss, but your tips are sure to lead your reader there sooner than crash or fad diets will.

    My takeaway from this post, eat like a toddler. Best health advice, ever.

    • mammaspeaks

      It means a lot coming from you, Mayuri. I have learnt a lot of these the hard way, hope all don’t have to. Thanks for appreciating the post, dear! <3

  11. What an inspiring journey. Yes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fit body requires immense discipline and motivation. Loved reading about the tips and the exercise regime.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Rajlakshmi. I am glad you liked my journey! My purpose is to make more people aware about eating right and exercising.

  12. Wow Anshu..u are really an inspiration. I love your fitness journey. Your routine is a perfect blend of every element that is necessary for our body. And so true just weight loss is temporarily. Other factors you mentioned are important.

  13. This is such a well-put post, Anshu. I can identify with most of it, am following some of it and can incorporate more of it in my life.
    A healthy lifestyle includes everything from eating right to sleeping well and getting the right physical activity. Great tips!

  14. Its so motivating to read your fitness journey. I mean so much determination over such a long span of time. Wow! And keep it up.

    • Thanks Anupriya! It wasn’t easy, but then the option was unimaginable. Now, I have started loving my workouts, even when I have not slept properly, I have the motivation to work it out in the gym.

  15. Zainab

    I love the body weight exercise and strength training. Although, I have my weak days where I would just stare at the weights.
    But, being fit not skinny is the goal.
    Loved your post 🙂

    • Thank you Zainab. Initially I feared weights, but now I love them. Now, I am not too fond of cardio, but need to do it for a good heart rate. Agree with you, being fit is the goal, not skinny. 🙂

  16. Some really nice tips here, Anshu. I am not into exercising much expect for walking, but planning out ways to spare some time for yoga. Hopefully, that will help me in staying mentally fit and healthy.

  17. Our journeys are so similar. My wake up call too came when my son was almost 2 and I did not have the stamina to run behind him all day long. That’s when I started concentrating more on building strength and not just losing weight. Thank you for this blog hop so that I got a chance to share my journey too.

    • mammaspeaks

      I guess when our kids become old enough to make us run after them that’s when we réalise how much we lack fitness. I am so glad we did this hop and you were a part of it. Learnt so much from you.

  18. Very simple and very much doable tips Anshu. Thanks for sharing your tried and tested fitness routine. Very inspiring.

  19. Prerna Wahi

    You have beautifully put across your personal fitness journey which is very inspiring for many, like me. Really motivated and liked the tips you shared. Thanks!

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you prerna. The best part is we are all aware and conscious about fitness and do our bit towards the same.

  20. Thanks a lot Anshu for those sweet words. Can’t agree more. Each and every tip you mentioned is so easy and doable, yet at times we fail to strictly stick to them. It is a timely reminder. Thanks for such an inspiring and informative post.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you anami. You are right all these tips are doable but sometimes we still lack the motivation to follow them.

  21. Hey, we sure think alike, Anshu! 🙂
    It’s heartening to read people caring about their health more than how they appear–thin or fat. Moreover, it is how we are from within that will reflect without and so our focus ought to be on the inside.
    I too care for what I eat, but there are days when I throw caution to the wind and eat like there is no tomorrow, esp, the pizza, or chocolates or any desserts that are a favourite.
    One more thing I do that you do, too, is brush my teeth within half an hour of dinner so that if in case hubby gets home some pastry, I put it in the fridge. Of course, my concern is the inability to sleep because of the sugar and the chocolate more than the calories.

    Great post and I loved your dedication towards your health.
    Stay healthy, stay blessed! 🙂

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you Shilpa. It feels super to connect with like minded people. What we shoukd aim for is fitness and not thinness, and we get the latter it’s a bonus. I am glad you are so inspired and careful about your health too.

  22. I am so glad to read this post Anshu, healthy eating should be a habit and not choice. We almost follow the same kind of eating regime, however I am yet to start fitness regime.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you dipika. As we approach 40, it becomes imperative that we look after our physical health. It will make the transition from 40 to 50 and thereafter much painless.

  23. jaya1966

    You made a very important point when you mentioned the fact that it is not weight alone which contributes to fitness. Having a disease free body goes a long way towards considering oneself fit. Of course good sleep means the body is telling you everything is okay with it.o

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you jai for understanding the thoughts so perfectly. If our.body is disease free and sleeps and digests well, it s a strong signal that everything is right with the body.

  24. Wow. It must be a great feeling to do all of those things that you do now feeling lighter.And your comprehensive approach to fitness is commendable

  25. Very nice post, taking care of yourself is equally important for all women, I make sure I get some tike for me, water yoga makes me happy and keep me fit. And yes I make sure to avoid packed ready to eat food.

  26. I can relate to every word of this article,Anshu. Fitness is not just losing weight but maintaining a healthy body. I also don’t any catch disease easily as my body mechanism is strong. I regularly go for morning walks and that is the best time of my day. And yes, any fitness regime has to be accompanied by mindful eating.

  27. These are great tips Anshu to stay healthy and fit. People complain of not losing weight but forget to follow simple things. Its all about eating right and working out regularly. Also, one should remember not to compare their journey with others as we all have different body types.

  28. i do a lot of things you have shared. But yes, i dont take snacking seriously and that topples my entire effort!! i like to have boiled eggs, nuts and coffee too and would stick to that for snacking

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