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My Pediatrician Told Me To Never Ignore These 9 Warning Signs of a Health Problem In Babies

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As a first time mommy, I was always watching my baby for any signs of discomfort or distress. We mothers watch our babies like a hawk. However, being an inexperienced mother, there were chances that I might miss a few warning signs even if I saw them. It’s easy to overlook warning signs of a health problem in babies. That’s why I discussed this with my pediatrician.

My pediatrician understood my problem and gave me some very helpful tips. He told me to never ignore some warning signs that can indicate a health problem in my baby.

I am sharing this with you. Take a look at them, and if you see them in your baby, it should set the alarms ringing in your head…fiercely!

1. Does the newborn get shocked when you thump the bed?

My daughter was not even born – it had been just 12 hours – when the pediatrician visited us in the hospital. My daughter was sleeping on the bed with me. Suddenly, the doctor thumped up the bed, without warning. My newborn was shocked, her hands and feet went up in the air and her eyes opened up.

The doctor said, “I did that to confirm that there was nothing wrong with your baby’s hearing. If a newborn doesn’t startle in response to a loud noise, she may have hearing problems.”

2. Does the baby refuse to take two feeds in a row?

My daughter was only 20 days old, when one day she decided to continue sleeping without taking her feed. She missed her feed.

I called up the doctor and he said one feed was not an issue, unless my baby refused to take another feed. He also checked with me if my daughter hadn’t urinated for 5-6 hours.

Not taking two feeds in a row accompanied with not urinating for 6 hours can be warning signs of dehydration.

3. Is the baby running a high fever?

Being a new, overprotective mother, I was always checking my baby to see if she was running a fever. The doctor told me there was nothing to worry if the fever was mild. Once the baby was 3 months old, cold compresses should do the trick.

However, consistent high fever (more than 100 degrees) is a cause for concern, especially in babies younger than a year.

4. Does your baby get convulsions?

Thankfully, I never had to see this one. But, if your baby convulses for more than 5 minutes where her body becomes stiff, her eyes roll back or she has difficulty breathing, you should definitely not ignore it. Take her to the doctor once the convulsion stops. Convulsions can happen due to many reasons such as high fever, head trauma, lack of oxygen, or an underlying medical problem. Only the doctor can diagnose and treat this in time.

5. Is your baby passing loose stools and vomiting?

Many babies face tummy problems in childhood and we don’t usually see this as a serious problem. However, severe diarrhoea and vomiting can lead to dehydration.

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