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My New Year Resolution – I Promise To Do Right By You, My Child!!

I know it’s a little late in the day to be posting about the New Year Resolution, but once you start reading it, you will realize why I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

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Career of a child

With the New Year ringing in, everyone is scrambling to find their New Year Resolution. A resolution which, they very well know, wouldn’t survive the first flush of spring. Anyways, that’s not what I want to talk about.

A few months ago, I had watched ‘Tamasha’, a nice romantic movie by Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Do not be alarmed, I won’t be discussing the movie here. But, there is something about the movie that has stayed with me, even after so much time has elapsed. It had something to do with the story of that movie. Ranbir Kapoor, a brilliant storyteller since childhood, is forced to go through the Engineering and take up a corporate job that he hates. He becomes an automaton, running with the world, in the rat race. He forgets to laugh, enjoy and LIVE.

Now, that’s where my point comes. As a child, I was good at numbers. When the time came to choose a stream, I went for Commerce. Why? The logic was simple. I was not cut out for the hard work that the Science stream demanded. Also, I hated physics, and  didn’t want to be an Engineer or a Doctor! As for the Arts, it was considered (please do not mind it, it was the general opinion at that time) at the bottom rung of the hierarchy. And it didn’t pay much. So Commerce, looked like a respectable choice! Of course, I didn’t consider that I loved reading and writing. Who cares for reading and writing, anyway??? Now, years later, I regret that choice. Arts was FOR ME.

The career options there are today, didn’t exist back then. We’d never heard of a Zumba instructor or a storyteller. I look at them, they are so happy with their career choices. Happy that they are doing what they love, and not forced to love what they do. You can be anything and excel at it, as long as you love it.

I see my daughter doodling on the walls, and I think, may be, she will become an artist when she grows up. The next day, she brings out the doctor set from her toy cupboard and starts examining me, “I think you have a fever. I need to give you an injection. And also some very bitter medicines.”

“No injections, please, doctor,” I say (joining in the spirit) pleadingly.

“You need an injection. It will make you better quickly,” she says firmly and tries to put the toy injection on my arm. I cry, “Ouch” which somehow makes her satisfied.

“No chocolates and no ice creams, OK? Or, we will need to hospitalize you,” she says in a strict doctor-like tone. And I only nod.

Yes, with a white doctor’s coat and a stethoscope around her neck, she looks very much like a doctor. She can definitely be a doctor when she grows up.

It’s true, she can be many things, but more importantly, she needs to be someone she likes to be, and not what I want her to be.

My nephew at a tender 18 decided to pursue CA. Well, it was his father’s dream he became a CA. Everyone was happy, we would finally have a Chartered Accountant in the family. The boy worked hard, he definitely did. Managing college and CA studies was no joke. But, after a couple of years, I heard he had quit the professional course.

I talked to him, “What happened?”

“I realized CA was not for me. I would have left it in the first year, but I didn’t want to dash everyone’s hopes,” he replied. I could understand.

“Forget it. You tried to please your family, now it’s time you please yourself. Do whatever you like,” I advised.

“But, I am already 20! It’s time I think about settling down.” He exclaimed.

“So, you are only 20. You have the entire life before you to decide and do, or not to decide. People leave their jobs at 40 to pursue their passion. You are getting that chance at 20. So take it,” I said. I don’t know if he understood my words, I just hope he did.

It was my nephew, had it been my daughter, I would have advised her the same. We do not need to settle in life to make our parents happy, to get married and to start a family.

We have a very materialistic approach to life. It needs to be toned down a little, if a child has to have a happy childhood. Yes, money is important. But, it is only as important as you want it to be. A little money is good enough to take care of your needs, more money just sits in your bank. So enjoy with little money, and live your dream. At the end of the life, you won’t have much need for that money anyway! It will be the fulfilled dreams that would count. It would be the items on your bucket list that you checked off that would keep you warm in those twilight years.

Many of our kids will be at the threshold of adulthood, where they need to take important steps for the future. In the New Year, as loving, caring and responsible parents:

  •         Let us encourage our kids to choose something they like and are passionate about, and not something that is credible and pays them more money.
  •         Let them choose something of their liking, and not try to fulfil our dreams.
  •         Let them opt for something they love, and not something that their peers are going for or is the fad of the moment.
  •         Let us empower our kids with good books, good thoughts and good deeds.
  •         Let us nurture them into being a complete person, than a money-minded one.
  •         Let us tell them, their life and their dreams are worth more than the money could ever buy.
  •         Let us make them realize that the pursuit of happiness is inside them, and not in the wads of money they earn every month.
  •         Let us teach them to celebrate life, to play and to explore, because these days will never come back.
  •         Let us tell them that bachpan doesn’t have to end at 10, 15 or 20, they can have the same carefree bachpan at any age, given they keep the same mindset.

This is my promise to my daughter – I will do right by you. I will not make a Tamasha out of you! This New Year, this is the new beginning I hope for. This is how I intend to start on a new beginning – Khuljaye Bachpan!

What is your promise to your child this year?

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  1. I was doing some research on the internet on some other topic when I came across this amazing post of yours and could not stop myself from writing this comment.

    I so much agree with you that we must always pursue our passion else our entire life will get consumed in making others dream true.

    I do not know but I felt so light after reading this post.

    • mammaspeaks

      Thank you so much for writing on the post. Yes, that’s a beautiful thought and that’s how I feel. 🙂

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