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My Godly Problem

I am not a religious person even at the best of times. On most days, I just light a jasmine or rose-scented incense stick before my few idols in my modest temple and chant a few mantras. And on other days, I simply forget to do even that. It has never bothered me till now.

But of late, I have been thinking about my little daughter. She has seen her grandmothers doing elaborate pujas, offering flowers, rubbing sandalwood, lighting diyas, and singing artis. She knows that any idol or a photo that wears shimmery clothes and has a garland of flowers is something important and she should say ‘jai-jai’ to it.

But very soon, she’s going to ask me questions. A lot of uncomfortable questions. Who is God? Where does He live? What does He do for us? Why do we pray to Him?

I remember asking similar questions to my parents as a small child and their replies are still there with me till date. God is the Creator of this Universe and He is superior to all human beings. He stays in heaven which is somewhere in the sky not visible to the naked eye. We pray to Him so that he gives us good marks, happiness and prosperity.

I don’t want to pass this information to my little Aanya. I don’t want her to think that praying is the key to life. I don’t want her to think that God is some superman who will come to her rescue whenever she calls for him. I don’t want her to learn that by praying to God, she would be atoned for her sins and achieve happiness and moksha. I don’t want her to see God as a judge or a head master who doles out punishments and rewards gifts.

I don’t want to influence her little mind. I don’t want to make any statements to her, whether God exists or not. I want her to discover God by herself. It may take a few years or may never happen. Till then can I simply get away with not talking about it? I think not.

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  1. Jigar

    you may want to guide her towards faith.

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