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Kids are what we are

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The other day as I was filling up my daughter’s snack box with khakhras, she came up to me and said, ‘Mama, I don’t want khakhra.”

She loves khakhras. Surprised, I asked her why.

“Because, I want chocos.”

I have never given her chocos, so I was surprised that she even knew the word. But I knew where she had learnt from.

“Who brings chocos?”

“X brings chocos. I want chocos too.” A few days ago, it was a similar request for biscuits and choco pies.

Chocos, biscuits, breads and chocolates are tempting. Why shouldn’t they be?  After all, they are made up of three very addictive things: Refined flour (maida), sugar and salt. And also three very poisonous things. Yes, refined flour, sugar and salt are called white (or slow) poisons in Ayurveda.

My question is that do these mommies not know? How feeding chocos, instant noodles and biscuits daily to your child help anyway? Once-in-a-while treats are okay, everyone needs a change. But let’s not make it a daily affair.

There was this colleague of mine. Every evening, she took a bar of chocolate for her daughter. “I love the look on my daughter’s face when she sees the chocolate,” she says.  Dear mother, it is not love that you see, but your guilt.

Many working mothers resort to guilt treating their kids. Just think for a moment – how can chocolates, cookies or such junk treats replace you?

Then there are mothers who I come across with alarming frequency who feed their child with packaged juices and biscuits. They are satisfied that though their child didn’t finish his dinner, at least he had a pack of fruit juice and biscuits.

Children as young as two years are vulnerable to obesity. Hypertension and kidney damage linked to high sodium content in daily diet and cardiovascular diseases related to poor lifestyle are spreading like an epidemic in our society. What kind of future are we giving to our kids?

Packaged cereal seems like an ideal breakfast or snack for your child. However, learn that they are so full of sugar, that they should be in the chocolate/biscuit aisle of the supermarket. –

Biscuits and breads have refined carbohydrates and trans-fat.

Packaged fruit juices. One might think that they are feeding their child something healthy. In reality, it’s not. A 200ml pack of orange juice, contains about 17g sugar, the equivalent of more than four teaspoons. Do you give that much sugar to your child normally?

The bottom line is – What you eat is what your child will eat. Now you can choose what you want for your child. Serve home cooked foods to your child. He will thank you for it later.


  1. Bhawna

    You are good. Please do keep blogging, your content is very helpful and yet not preachy.

    • Thanks Bhawna for stopping by my blog. Your comment is invaluable. Though I am a bit tied down with work, I do not intend to stop blogging.
      Thanks for the motivation. Cheers!!!

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