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How to keep your baby’s bums clean and soft with cloth diapers?

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When my daughter was born, I didn’t want to expose her cotton-soft bums to harsh chemical laden diapers. So, my mother-in-law cut out squares from soft dhoti. Though the dhoti-diaper was super soft on my newborn’s bums, it was a task cleaning them, and also the pile of clothes that it left in its wake (shorts, frocks, blanket covers, my clothes while holding her) – was not a joke. This madness lasted for a month, and it was time for me to step out of my confinement period. That meant going out, sometimes with the baby.

And, so, it was time to bid the dhoti diaper goodbye. I started making my daughter wear disposable diapers with some misgivings though it wrenched out my heart thinking about the landfills. However, I still made it a point to keep her in cloth diapers at home even if that meant more washing. The worst part was cleaning the poop from the diaper. I mean yes, it was my daughter’s poop, but it’s gross to clean it.

If only there were soft non-toxic cloth diapers available at that time or known to me, my life would have been so much simpler and less stressful!

Well, fortunately, new mothers don’t need to go through the harrowing period of cleaning cloth diapers, and also do not need to expose those sweet little bums to rash and discomfort of traditional diapers.

I am talking about BUMCHUM DIAPERS – a hybrid system of diapering which is both disposable and reusable. So you need not wash poopy diapers if you do not wish to. These smart cloth diapers use a biodegradable, disposable insert made of bamboo fiber designed to reduce nappy rash. They use wood pulp and non toxic materials for absorbency that is soft on baby’s ultra sensitive skin. And, they are biodegradable, so better for the environment! The superior quality of the diaper not only contains the mess, but also allows for the reuse of the diaper multiple times in a day. It’s too good to be true, right! Feel like asking someone to pinch you!!! 😉

This cool diaper is paired with a cute T-shirt so you don’t have your baby in mismatched clothing. Your little munchkin looks chic and dapper, and is comfortable and rash free!

For newborn and premies, BumChum has a line of organic muslin newborn nappies. These nappies use a new line of patented design silicone diaper fasteners to hold them on the baby. These diapers also have a special umbilical cord snap down area for the first week of life. How thoughtful is that!

A standard bumchum diaper pack includes –

ü  A Tshirt with a wide neck and arm elastic for varied sized babies.

ü  A dandy lower which holds the nappy pad. It does not require pants or any waterproof layer.

ü  An ultra soft nylon pouch which is waterproof that holds the nappy pad.

ü  A 120ml soft polyester reusable nappy pad.

Sold separately is a pack of 12 biodegradable nappy pads that are chemical and fragrance free and hold moisture as good as a pampers or any disposable diaper.

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