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Is your child your bad karma?

The existence of God is a sensitive topic for me. Sometimes, when I am happy, I see good things happening in the world around me, I feel the presence of the almighty. But every morning, when I read the newspaper, that benign feeling leaves my mind in the blink of my eye. How can a man rape a 6-month old or people be killed in the name of religion? What type of devil minds are they?

As a child, I had always been told if you lie, if you do bad things to others or disrespect your elders/seniors, your bad karma will haunt you if not in this lifetime than the next one for sure. As a child I was sure scared of it and avoided doing mischief. But as I grew up, somehow the world around me taught me it was okay to be not 100% truthful or sometimes hurt others if you want to progress in life. Guess by then I had forgotten all about the karma philosophy. I am a good person, I know that. I don’t like to hurt people deliberately but when people take me for ride, then that is it. I am no saint and I sometimes hit back despite my parents’ value teachings.

During my pregnancy I came across this spiritual magazine in a relative’s house. As I was leafing through it to kill some time, I came across an interesting paragraph. Those few lines of the paragraph affected me so deeply that I think about it every now and then.

It said very simply that karmas, good or bad, never leave you. If you have done good deeds in your life good for you. You are rewarded with a better life in the next birth. But in case, you hurt somebody very deeply and that person was not able to forgive and forget you; then you would have accumulated a lot of bad karmas. So that person will be reborn in his next life as your child. Do you know why? Isn’t it simple to guess?

Because when your child scratches a knee, you are troubled by it. When your child develops a fever, you stay awake nights. When your child cries, you cry harder. And when your child leaves you, your life is empty. With every pain on your child, you writhe in agony. So this is how your past karmas haunt you.

I don’t know if this is true but if thinking that we can cut back on our bad karma, I guess the philosophy will have served its purpose. What do you think? Have you heard of anything like this? Do you believe in karma?

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