Your new-born baby suckling at your breast – there is no joy greater than this sight. But let me tell you, that’s not always the case. Many new mothers experience discomfort, sometimes fierce pain while breast-feeding which makes the whole activity quite dreadful.

In the initial days, my tiny baby had trouble latching onto my breast and when she finally would, she would suck so fiercely that I would cry out in pain. I remember how my nipples were sore and I dreaded nursing her. I even ignored her cries till someone took the wailing baby and gave her to me in my hands. And then I felt guilty for being a bad mommy. I tried a nipple-shield but it wasn’t that convenient, and after a few trials, my baby and I, both lost patience with it. Many a times during that period, I even considered weaning her off and giving formula to her. Something so joyful for a new mother had become a nightmare for me.

This continued till my little pumpkin turned a month old by which time feeding time had become less stressful for both of us. Later a friend mentioned that how instead of nursing her son; she expressed her milk and gave it him.  If only I had met her earlier, it would have saved me from this nightmare.

In case, you are experiencing a similar problem, don’t hesitate investing in a good breast-pump. There are breast-pumps available in the market (manual and electrical) that help you express your milk with minimum discomfort. I would recommend an electrical breast-pump because it’s faster, convenient and less painful. It’s better than writhing in pain, sitting for hours together or giving formula to your baby.